Why Looking for a Job Can Make it Harder to Get a Job

There’s a dirty little secret in human resources circles: Looking for a job makes you less desirable as a job candidate. That may sound far fetched and bizarre, but it’s absolutely true. Employers favor those candidates who are bumbling along without looking for jobs over those who are. An exploration of the hr features will help the business person to recruit the best employees. Timely filling of the vacancies will be effortless for the business owners and performance will be excellent. 

Ah, the many absurdities of the job search world. And this one is among the more entrenched of them. Here’s why.

Active versus passive job hunters

In human resources speak, anyone consciously trying to find a new job is considered an “Active” job seeker. To most normal folks, a word such as “active” might be construed as a positive thing, implying ambition, planning, and proactive effort. But the HR world is anything but normal, and the term is more of a negative one for job candidates. Instead, hiring departments would rather have a “Passive” candidate, an employed person who isn’t really looking for a job but might be willing to consider one if it falls into their lap. The reasons for this counter-intuitive preference are both complex and simple.

Passive job hunters are considered safer bets

Human resource departments consider those who are comfortably situated in a job to have more potential. They believe such candidates must be more likely to get along with people, must be more capable, and must be better able to find ways of being challenged by their work. That’s why they’re hanging around in the same job. Or so the logic goes.

Being an active job hunter raises questions

At the same time, HR professionals also believe that job hunters who are actively seeking different employment may have less-than-terrific reasons for looking for a new job. They believe that people who are looking for new jobs may be forced to because they can’t get along with people in the company, the implication being that active job hunters may have flawed personalities. Along with this idea is the notion that active job hunters may be exceptionally restless – this despite the fact that it’s not unusual for highly capable professionals to consider changing jobs every few years. But hey, I didn’t say it was a well thought out perception.

Human nature

The notion of passive job candidates being better is, to a large degree, just human nature. We all tend to covet what we can’t have. And what could be more in-line with that principle than a job seeker that isn’t actually seeking a job? It’s the job search equivalent of playing hard to get. And that makes a candidate infinitely more desirable.

What it means to you

Like so many perceptions in the job search world, there’s not a lot you can do to fight this one. Just be aware that staying where you are, getting your name out there, and sometimes letting opportunities come to you can be surprisingly effective — because it makes you a “passive” rather than “active” candidate. And now that you understand the underlying reason for it, perhaps you won’t be surprised when that headhunter calls out of nowhere with a great job opportunity. You were playing hard to get without knowing it. You crafty little devil.

Psychology And Personality Testing – Why These Tests Are Important In Our Daily Relationships

Every since I was rather young I have been fascinated with personality tests and have taken as many as I could get my hands on. For a few years during my early teens I would even make trips out to the local library for the express intent of finding books on personality types. I have a strong desire to understand how different personality types work together-or against on another! My mind frequently wandered when meeting new people to trying to guess what their personality types might be and whether or not they would be easy or hard for me to get along with. Also, personality congruence is a major factor in having a healthy relationship. So you just skip the games alternatives and just focus on what really matters the most. This will allow you to maintain healthy relationship with your partner and make it last.

I was thrilled to be directed through a university psychology class to the Keirsey personality assessment since it was one that I had not taken before. I was familiar with the concept of “color-coded” personalities, but I had not yet been introduced to the four categories presented by this test, which included the following personality types: the Guardians, the Idealists, the Artisans, and the Rationalists. Upon completion of the test I was initially surprised to see that I fall in with the Idealists, though after reading the description given it was only too clear that it described me fairly well (in spite of my many changing answers as I dealt with my often indecisive nature…) and I agreed with the assessment.

I think that being able to discern the personalities and temperaments of those with whom we are required to spend large quantities of time (friends, family, co-workers) can be invaluable. A better understanding of personality can lead us to create more harmonious work and personal environments, provide more rapid conflict resolution techniques, and enable us to communicate more effectively with those around us. Therefore, I continue to seek out opportunity to learn more about my own personality and that of those with whom I spend my time and energies.

Another interesting website offering a variety of personality tests is 2h.com. With my study of and joy in personality testing I have even developed a few fun personality tests of my own, and I would love to some day have the qualifications to share those tests and theories in a professional setting.

It was interesting for me to note that social psychology and the tests listed on this site are not limited to simple personality but include intelligence tests, emotional IQ tests, aptitude tests, and so on. Based on the number of hits for this site and others like it, I am not alone in my fascination regarding personality tests and my desire to have a greater understanding of my own personality and that of those around me. This is where the education and experience of a social psychologist can be of great worth.

I thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of tests offered on this website and will endeavor some day to complete them all. Yet I feel that it is important to understand that because these tests are self-evaluated there is a tendency to be biased toward oneself. I would appreciate the results more from a test that required additional input from the five people closest to you.

Social psychology has revealed to us what many of us have suspected for many years-that our personality can and frequently does change with age, life status, and other major factors including friend choice, marriage, children, and culture changes. Studying various groups of people who fall into a similar category can provide us with great clues as to the psychological structure of individuals in that group, therefore a much wider variety of people are choosing to seek the assistance of a social psychologist before implementing new marketing methods, hiring tactics, devising employee handbooks, and so forth.

I would greatly love someday to have enough background and experience in psychology and social work to be able to travel as a youth motivational speaker. To be able to teach others to recognize their personality type and the personality types of those with whom they associate would be priceless to me indeed.

Tips on Feeding &; Caring for Your Pet Chihuahua’s Well-Being

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dog, but many owners would agree, they have the biggest personality of all the breeds. The name comes from the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. In pre-Columbian Indian nations, this little breed was considered sacred, probably contributing to their high level of self-esteem. The two varieties of Chihuahua are long-coat and smooth-coat. Luckily neither type need trimming and the long-coated variety actually sheds less than the smooth-coat, or short-haired. The good news is, you don’t have to attend leopard gecko handling class just to learn how to take good care of your cat. You just have to follow these simple steps and voila, you are all good!

Chihuahuas usually weigh less than 6 pounds. They can have a lifespan of 14 to 18 years which makes their owners very happy since the bond between Chihuahua pets and their families will grow into a strong one. This little breed’s temperaments are determined by genetic factors or socialization and the manner in which they are trained. They are much happier with other Chihuahuas and their people rather than with other breeds. In fact, they can get so attached to one person that they become overly-protective. A family with children should consider carefully whether a pet Chihuahua is the right choice for them. Sometimes active, playful children provoke aggression in these pets.

Although many refer to these dogs as “barkers,” with the proper training they can have quite good manners. They enjoy being petted and, certainly, earn the title “lap dog”. Cuddling under covers or blankets is one of their favorite things to do, and lying in the sun is another favorite pastime.

It is possible that the family who adopts a Chihuahua will need the assistance of a veterinarian for breeding purposes, for dental care, and, in some cases, for controlling neurological disorders like seizures. A unusual breed trait is the fact that when they are born, their skulls have not completely fused, so owners will have to watch their pets carefully. It is not unusual for Chihuahuas to have hypoglycemia, which can lead to coma if ignored. A little honey on the tongue will raise the glucose levels in the dogs’ systems. They can also have problems with rheumatism, dryness of the eyes and sometimes heart disease.

Their diet should be controlled to ensure that they do not gain too much weight If possible you should make home made food for your pet Chihuahua. It is easy to do and you’ll know they are getting the best food available. Make sure you give them plenty of meat, vegetables and even some whole grain like oats. Make sure they have fresh water at all times.

Being so tiny and so loving, owners often make the mistake of not training these little ones in the same way larger dogs are trained. Pet Chihuahuas can be strong-willed, so it is important to let them know who the “alpha” is, right from the beginning. It is easy to mistakenly think that this breed is not intelligent. They are very smart but they are quite strong-willed. If you are smarter than they are and have more will power your will get along fine. You should think twice before bringing a Chihuahua home, because, once it’s there, you will become a Chihuahua pet lover forever.

Tips for Painting Your Own Christmas Cards

Christmas is coming up soon so it is time to start thinking about what to do for Christmas cards. While there are beautiful cards available everywhere around Christmas, a fun and creative alternative to buying cards would be to send out personalized Christmas cards by painting your own. With the help of https://www.paintingkits.net/, you get a fun and engaging activity that you can work on as a family. I want to present to you some ideas about painting your own Christmas cards.

Types of Paint and What Paper to Use


I have seen some amazing paintings that were done in watercolor. Maybe you are a very skilled artist or maybe your child just happens to have a set of watercolors already that they love. If you want to create your Christmas cards and paint them with watercolor, you will need to use watercolor paper to create your card. This paper soaks up a lot of water that other papers would not be able to handle. Watercolor sets sometimes come with their own paintbrushes. If not, there are paintbrushes available at any art supply store that are created specifically for watercolor. If you are having your child do the painting, buy a children’s watercolor set, but if you will be doing a lot of the painting, you should splurge on the real set because the colors will be bolder.


I know a lot of people who do not use acrylic paint because they feel that it is inferior to other types. Personally, acrylic paint is my favorite because it is cheap (I usually buy mine from Wal-Mart costing anywhere from 50 cents to $1.50), easy to use, and available in a wide variety of colors. If you are going to use acrylic paint, you should try to find cardstock as your paper to keep it from curling once painted. When I paint with acrylic paint, I usually only have two brushes that I use. One is a flat, medium-sized brush in case there is a large surface area that I will need to fill in and the other is a smaller round brush to help with details. I like to only use a couple of brushes so I don’t make a huge mess. If you are going to use acrylics, you should also try to find a set of cheap plastic paint palates to pour your paint on (it will also be helpful if you want to blend colors, but I have been known to use an old pizza box instead of a palate).


This is the messiest paint that you could choose for your Christmas cards, but it could also be the most fun. If your child will be doing most of the painting, they would probably enjoy the finger-paint more than they would enjoy watercolor or acrylic. There is specific finger-painting paper available, but you could also use cardstock or even construction paper with this paint. Another added bonus is that you will not need any paintbrushes, but you will need to have newspapers spread out and be prepared to make a huge mess.

Color Schemes

Of course, there are always the Christmas classic colors of green and red, but there are other color combinations that you could use as well. Blue and brown could be used together, red and brown, green and brown, brown and gold, red and light blue, and light blue and silver are some ideas of other great color combinations that would work well on Christmas cards.

Stencils and Extras

Stencils and stamps are a great way to get an outline on the card of what you would want your design to look like. There are great Christmas stencils available that you could use to mix and match. Maybe let your child paint the background of the card, then you could stencil on a silhouette of a reindeer or some holly. You can also find great stamps for holiday messages that you could use on the inside of the card. Now I know that this may sound tacky to some of you, but I know that I’m not the only one who is in love with glitter. It’s Christmas and people expect sparkles so go ahead, indulge, and use them on your homemade Christmas card.

Christmas is a holiday where you should spend as much time as possible with your family. Creating your own homemade Christmas cards will allow you to share time with your family, have fun, be creative, laugh, love, forget about stress, and create something unique to send out for your friends and family to be displayed in their homes for the next month or so.

Tips for Sound Sleepers that Must Wake Up on Time

Sound sleepers have a very difficult time waking up. An elephant could literally run through, and someone that sleeps very soundly will not hear the commotion or feel the massive vibrations. They need extra help when trying to wake up, especially when they must be on time. A person that cannot seem to wake up on time risks losing jobs, an education and even friends. They must take extra steps to awaken when necessary, and they have to learn to do it all on their own.

My seventeen year old son is one of countless sound sleepers. I have raised my voice and even physically pushed him from one side to the next to try and wake him up on time. He sometimes responds, but he does not usually get up right away. He has unknowingly responded in a rude matter on more than one occasion. I had to find a way to get him to wake up on time and on his own, especially since I will not always be around to nudge him out of bed. At the link https://www.mypillapp.com/natural-ways-to-boost-testosterone-levels/, natural ways for increasing the testosterone are provided. The ingredients will be herbal and natural to reduce the side-effects of the pills for both men and women.  

Buy an Extra Loud Alarm Clock

Ordinary alarm clocks are not ideal for sound sleepers. Buy an alarm clock that produces 120 decibels of repetitive noise. If this does not wake sound sleepers on their own, nothing will. I purchased a 120 decibel alarm clock for my son, but I had to take an extra step to make sure that he actually got out of bed. I knew that he would still not wake up on time when left on his own.

Place the Alarm Clock on the Other Side of the Bedroom

My son has a habit of turning off the alarm clock in his sleep. He ends up falling back asleep. Sound sleepers often do and say things subconsciously. I had to place his extra loud alarm clock on the other side of the bedroom. It would force him to get up and walk across the room. If one clock did not do the trick, I was prepared to buy two alarm clocks. He had to wake up on time for work, and I was tired of the verbal abuse.

Make them Responsible for Getting Up on Time

Even sound sleepers can get up on time, and they can do it without the help of another person. Those that claim they are sound sleepers and cannot get up on their own usually do not have to. They have friends and family members to do the work, and they never try to get up on their own.

When trying to help sound sleepers get up on time, buy at least one very loud alarm clock. Sound sleepers should not rely on a cell phone or an ordinary alarm clock. They should not rely on others either. Do not be an enabler. Make sound sleepers responsible for waking up on their own and on time or they will never do it without help.

The Results of Dishonesty in Relationships

I have personally been involved in a couple of relationships that involved a lot of dishonesty. I have been married twice. The first ended because of the lies. The second one was consumed in dishonesty to the point that I didn’t even see the lies anymore. They became a part of normal everyday life. The damage that has been done has been very difficult to work through.

The result of dishonesty is usually shattered lives. When two people take a vow to be faithful to their spouse, it should be taken seriously. Lies can take over a person’s life completely. The person that is lying has to tell one lie after another to keep the truth hidden. Eventually, they get their lies confused, and the truth comes out. They then try to cover the truth by saying that the truth is untrue and the lies continue to grow again.

The really sad part about this is that the people they are lying to either believe the lies or they don’t. When they believe the lies, their life becomes the biggest lie of all. While the liar lives a seemingly comfortable life, their spouse is in constant turmoil. Friends and relatives try to tell the spouse what is real, and the spouse argues that they are just trying to start trouble. At this point, the lies have become a part of everyday life. This is unhealthy and the relationship has become toxic.

When the spouse that is being lied to doesn’t believe the lies, there is constant friction and tension between the two. Arguments become a part of everyday life. This begins the deterioration of the relationship. Lives become shattered and destroyed. Words of anger and despair are shouted back and forth. Mistrust becomes the normal way of life and most times the relationships ends.

The most difficult part of lies begins at this time. After being lied to about anything and everything, it is extremely difficult to ever trust again. It takes a lot of time to work through it. Day by day, the injured spouse gets stronger and wiser. A marriage based on lies is probably one of the worst breaches of trust.

Relationship between two human beings is a branch and trust is the foundation which if shaken too hard, crumples into ruin in no time. In other words, once your beloved loses his/her trust in you, it is nearly impossible to win it back as its nothing short of a herculean task to do so and most of the young men are frustrated due to Cialis.

It is possible to trust again, but there will be insecurities that creep in from time to time. The fix for this is simple, reassurance. After a person has been through a relationship of lies, it takes constant reassurance and time to heal. Healing time will vary from individual to individual and situation to situation. No two situations are exactly alike, although many of these types of relationships share many similarities. With the support of family and friends along with possible therapy, trusting will happen again. It is important to take away from these relationships the knowledge of what to look for in a healthy relationship.