4 Easy Ways to Save Money in Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is an amazing place to visit. It is often referred to as being an Adult Disneyland of sorts. There is plenty of gambling, alcohol, and other various forms of adult fun to indulge in. It can, however, be rather expensive especially when it comes to frolicking in the many casinos strewn about the city. Casinos generally have one thing in mind and that is getting their hands on as much of your money as possible. Anything from food to gambling, to alcohol, to entertainment generally carries a price tag. As a Las Vegas and Travel enthusiast myself, I have encountered several ways to save money in Las Vegas Casinos check about that at this site web. As the consumer and vacationer, there are many things that you can do to ensure that they don’t get all of your hard-earned money- at least not all right away!

Do not use the casino ATM’s. When it comes to taking out some much-needed cash from an ATM in Las Vegas, you are much better off using your own bank’s ATM or even an ATM located in a grocery store or liquor store. Depending on your particular bank and its fees, there is not normally a charge to use your own bank’s ATMs. If there is, it is more than likely minimal. Even a grocery store or liquor store ATM charge is not usually as expensive as you’d find it to be in a Las Vegas casino. The fee at an ATM in a Las Vegas casino can be as much as $6 per transaction. On top of that, you may be subject to additional charges from your own bank for not having used their ATM machine.

Free alcohol is everywhere. In Las Vegas, there is a rule of thumb to follow- if you’re playing the slots or tables; you’re getting a free drink. You will see many cocktail waitresses strewn throughout any casino in Las Vegas. Any time you are gambling in the casino, these waitresses will approach you to ask if you’d like a complimentary drink. All you have to worry about is the tip for the waitress. You can just about drink yourself silly if you desire as long as you’re gambling.

Ask and you may receive. Make sure that when you enter any casino, you ask the concierge if there are any free activities or any free entertainment in the casino. If you happen to be a guest in that particular casino, you may be entitled to even more comps and free things offered by the casino. A lot of times, even if you are not a guest in that particular casino, you may be able to find a bar or lounge that is offering some sort of free entertainment for the passersby.

Slots cost more than tables. As a general rule, it has been found to be more expensive to play slot machines than it is to play at the tables. The reason for this is simply that the odds are slightly better when playing the tables. Although the slot machines can seem very tempting when they allow you to win a few cents here and a few cents there, on the whole, you are slightly better off playing the tables in a Las Vegas casino.