Making Money Online

O.k, so you want to make some money online from home? There’s only hundreds of headlines promising a huge income from your spare time directed right at you. Cluttering up your inbox, ” For just $49.95 you can learn the secret to making big bucks!” Don’t be fooled by all the hype. The truth is, they’ve already told you the secret. By paying their fee, you’ve just helped make them rich! I’m sure they are all very grateful. All you really need is a huge list of email addresses, a long story about how if they pay your one time fee, you’ll show them how to make it big. If your story is convincing enough and enough people pay. Hey you made it!! And once they pay, there really is no secret to reveal, just tell them to do what you did. It’s an endless circle of nonsense, and in the end it’s a short lived win. Don’t be a sucker, keep your money.

Another way that promises big bucks is online surveys.This is a HUGE waste of time and just a clever disguise of product marketing. Companies are not willing to dish out big bucks for your opinion. All this is, is another way to get you to buy their merchandise. For a $5.00 “survey” you must purchase a $30.00 product or service. Do the math, who’s really profiting there? It’s sure not you. And although there are some surveys that do not require you to purchase anything, they are few and far between. And the Survey company you sign up with will limit your access to these making it impossible to actually make any money. Usually only one per week, and they usually only pay between .25cents-$1.00. So at the most you make $4.00 a month, and usually you must reach $30.00 before you can ask for a payout. Most people give up long before then. With Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews, all the information is provided whether there should be investment or not. The testing of the products should be done to get desired results. For the registration at the product, a fess should be paid to get the effective results with the right decision.

Do yourself a favor and don’t even open all those email of promises in your inbox everyday. And if you do anyway, here’s a sure fire way to tell if their going to ask you for money. When you click on their link and it redirects you to their page where they try to sell you. Pay attention to how long the page is, because the longer the page……..the more money they’re going to ask for. This trick never lies.

Want your own webpage? Your own online business? You’re in luck, there are only hundreds of sites that give them away for fee! Sound to good to be true? It is. Here’s the catch behind free websites. They are set up and ready to go, but how are people going to know they’re there? You have to have an advertising budget, you have to put money in. And if your in a pinch for cash chances are you dont have the money it will require to advertise you site enough to bring in any money. I’ve had a great site for over 2 years now. I have the best selection of products at unbelievable unbeatable prices, I’m listed with Google and all the rest. Yet not one customer has stumbled into my store. My problem lies in my lack of funds in my advertising budget. Some companies go one step further to maximize their profit at the cost of yours by providing you with free “traffic”. They do provide you with traffic, but the people who visit usually don’t intend to. Have you ever been looking for, let’s say a shower head? And instead you get directed to a page with a guy getting head in the shower? Thats free traffic. You don’t want to be there, and chances are you’re not going to purchase anything on that site. Sometimes free traffic actually blocks the customers that are looking for a site like yours. Companies do this in order to get you to “upgrade” so they can get your cash. So unless you have hundreds atleast to spend on advertising, stay away from free websites.

They truth is, in order to make money online you need to have some cash to spens, or have something to say that people want to hear. You can always write about things you know. Sell your own product, or crafts on ebay or etsy, but your not going to get rich. And thats the truth about making money online.

How To Custom Brew Your Perfect Coffee

Coffee drinkers and coffee lovers worldwide know that there is definitely nothing like taking in the freshly ground, freshly brewed cup of coffee customized to your sweetness preference, and warmed to your taste. An effective perk-up morning solution sometimes, getting your perfect (or not-so-perfect) cup may very well just spell how you will face the rest of the day.

There are basic things to remember in making sure you get that perfect brew, including the following that you can learn from this informative post:

  • Custom-grind. Carefully read your coffee maker’s manual. This usually identifies which type of grind you should go for and use with your coffee maker. Finely-ground coffee can leave you with an extremely strong, jerky, and bitter cup. Meanwhile, coffee that has been grounded too coarse for your machine may give you a cup that is diluted, almost watery, and weak.

  • Pick the package. The flavor of your coffee can easily be affected by exposure to light and air. An old batch that has been in the stands so long may have little or weak flavor and aroma. When buying coffee, look for those packed in airtight vacuum containers or those who have valve vents in the packaging. These vents allow carbon dioxide to ooze out and keep air from getting in and damaging your coffee. It is always best to buy whole coffee beans instead of ground coffee as whole beans stay fresher longer, and it is always best to grind coffee beans minutes before it is brewed. This guarantees a fresher, stronger aroma in your cup.
  • Smart storage selection. The freezer is not always the best place to store your coffee. Exposing your coffee to extreme temperature storage then to a sudden increase in temperature with scalding water in the brew can destroy molecules and consequently affect its flavor. Often, the refrigerator – and not the freezer – is a better storage option for coffee bags that have already been opened. Always remember that the beans’ freshness is best retained when stored in airtight containers placed in a cool dark place.

  • Know your scoop. The number of scoops you place in your coffee maker usually depends on your strength preference, your bean origins, and your grind. On average, just one to two tablespoons of ground coffee per serving is ideal. Adjust accordingly for a stronger or weaker blend.
  • Do not burn it. Brewed coffee left in the warming plate of your coffee maker could – believe it or not – burn. After brewing, turn the plate off to gradually reduce the heat in order to keep yourself from taking in the burnt brew. If you want it warm, drink your cup not more than five to 10 minutes after brewing.

Is Social Networking Safe?

The trend now is to be social. It’s all about social connections. Whether it be via Facebook, Twitter, Twellow, or MySpace, whatever the venue, the whole point is to make yourself available for connecting. They are all advertising for you to find your friends, lost or otherwise. It’s obvious that this is very popular, and has taken the net world by storm. It’s even proving to be a great tool for business. Everyone is connecting for one reason or another. However, what about those of us who are holding out for as long as possible in order not to connect? Is it more than just an inkling that keeps us apart?

For me, there are many reasons not to connect. The most important being my own security and my privacy and for that, I have tried Personally, I don’t care for putting myself out there for perusing or dismantling. Anyone who has had to deal with identity theft or a stalker would also probably agree. It can be a nightmare. Never is privacy so respected as when you’re trying to retrieve back your identity and peace of mind.

The other reason I choose not to go the complete route of social networking is that I wish to keep my family safe as well. I do have underage members of my family who deserve their own privacy and protection – and, it’s my responsibility that they remain safe. Where I can see the value of sharing pictures of them online, it is still putting them out there, and possibly at risk. Anyone can lift these pictures off of these sites and use them however they wish. With the net world filled with offenders and hackers, it’s just not worth taking the chance in my opinion.

Despite having the security settings set to their highest setting, these social networking accounts can still be hacked and all their information was stolen. Recently, a WebProNews article, Site Hacking Facebook Accounts for $100 a Pop, by Chris Crum, stated that “less that one percent of all Facebook accounts are considered unhackable”. He went on to say that once a Facebook account is hacked, that all information listed there, including the password, can be taken. Not only that, but the account user can be subjected to viruses, malware, spam, as well as other threats that can go out using their name from that account. Which, if anyone has had the headache of knowing that a virus has sent itself out using your contact list, then it’s even more humiliation. At that point, it’s not just the account user’s problem, but now possibly a problem for all of the account user’s contacts. It’s not just a violation, but it’s that foreboding feeling that is prevalent when you realize that you’ve just infected all of your friends. Truly, that is not a good day.

There is the fact that the social networks themselves are giving each user their own unique identifier number. They are doing this for marketing reasons, however, they give this information to third party tracking sites. Some of those tracking sites are literally tracking everything a user does online. They do this by following the unique identifier of each user. They might refer to this as tracking, but it could be thought of as an invasion of privacy. Amazingly, I have spoken to quite a few folks out there who don’t care that this is occurring. However, when more spam and phishing requests hit our inbox just after signing up for a social network, it does make one wonder exactly who is getting our information, and why.

The other threats are too numerous to mention. However, what about all those pictures that are posted? While it’s fun to share and get feedback, one should be wary about not only the subject of those pictures but also what is in the background. For those who like to boast about their living quarters and are happy to show everything, they could also be providing a nice gathering list for those bad guys who are lurking on walls or in cyberland. Criminal hackers have no problem finding out the location of a user. Not only that, but public records can lead a thief straight to your front door. For those of you who have your profiles filled out all the way, you might want to consider that bad guy can possibly see your profile too, and also be wary of what you’re posting. One would think that the accounts offering all the information, including addresses and phone numbers, would be the easiest targets. Clearly, if you have to say you’re going on vacation and will be away from your home for any length of time, at least hold off until you return to share your experiences. Possibly, that may help from your house being cleaned out while you’re away.

The other thing that I have noticed, is that most regular folks out there on Facebook think that because they have set their security settings at the “highest levels”, they believe their information and pictures are safe. Well, if a hacker is hacking these accounts, then it won’t matter what your security settings are on, because they will be bypassing those settings anyway. If they can get to your password, then they obviously have bypassed all of those settings. Truly, it is something to consider when joining up on the social network. If you must have your social network, then use some common sense.

So, after all of this, I do admit that I have caved in and finally made a Facebook account. It was at the persistent request of a distant family member wishing to share reunion pictures with me. So, I have compromised my own security, and done the deed. However, I do not have anyone on my friend’s list that I do not know. I’m very careful about that part. Now, my high school reunion committee has found me, and they are all clamoring for pictures. Guess what? I have not posted any pictures, and other than my name and location, there is no other information about me or my family posted there. I have become a Facebook prude. It’s not that I have very much to hide, it’s more that I prefer my privacy and wish to be as safe as possible. However, I do realize that this is the internet, and anything is pretty much available if one knows how to dig. I’ve told my friends on Facebook that if they wish to see my pictures, then I will send them privately. So far, that’s been okay. Also, you can rest assured that my password is not an easy one to crack either, and if they choose to steal my account, I am hoping that they will be disappointed in the lack of information and simply move on to the next guy’s account. One would hope, anyway.

Using Social Networking to Build an Internet Buzz

How To Win The Online Popularity Contest

To some people, the Internet can be a vast and confusing place, and can sometimes make you feel like you are just floating in cyber space. Many people surf the net for many different reasons, but if you want to create a buzz online, you should be working on becoming more popular. For some bands and business owners, getting the word out is the hardest task to accomplish. A lot of new comers, in the promotion arena, concentrate on banner advertising, which is not nearly as effective as social networking.

If you are not familiar with social networking, you may want to keep reading. A social network is a website made up of many users who can communicate with each other through forums, mail, groups, profiles, and blogs. Not every social networking site is the same, so make sure you browse around before you join. It is important to find a website that is easy to navigate. There is no limit to the amount of networking sites you can join, so try out as many as you want. The more you sign up for, the better your results will be. Here are just five to help you on your way.

MySpace        Facebook        YouTube        myLot        My Yearbook

MySpace is one of the biggest social networks online. The site is very easy to use, because your tool bar at the top of your screen can be used to navigate anywhere on the entire site. MySpace allows each member to set up one of three different types of profiles. These profiles are regular, music, and video. Depending on your field of work, you will want to sign up for the appropriate account.

Signing Up

After signing up, you will want to fill in your profile with as much relevant information as possible. Make sure you have at least one picture available for upload. People love to be able to visualize whom they are talking to or reading about. If you have a media profile (music/video), be sure to have a sample ready for people to hear or see. You can’t brag about how good you are if there is nothing for people to experience. Your profile is a person’s first impression of you, so try to make it a good one.


After your profile is set up, try posting a blog for visitors to read. Your blog can be used as a non-intrusive means of advertising who you are, and what you do. MySpace will allow other users to subscribe to your blog if they are interested in what you have to say.

Adding Friends

The backbone of social networking is people. Without people, the network falls apart. You are going to want to add as many people to your friend list as possible to help get your buzz going. Many people will accept your friend request whether they know you or not, so send out as many as you can.

Posting Bulletins

Once you have a nice amount of friends, you will want to start posting bulletins on a regular basis. Bulletins can be an effective means of keeping your friends informed about what is going on with you. Try not to spam the bulletin board, it may make people stop reading your posts.

Starting A Group

Starting a group is another good way to get the word out. Groups provide people with a common interest, a central place to communicate. The group functions on MySpace are not very good for reaching your goals. A better place to start a group is on Yahoo!

Message Boards

If you like to post your opinion on different subjects, you might want to check out the message boards on MySpace. As people become familiar with you, they will start to view your profile and send friend requests. Anywhere you have a chance to show your name, you should.


Whenever you are fortunate enough for someone to leave you a comment, you should make sure you leave one in return. Whatever you do, do not post huge graphics on their profile to advertise what you do. If people start to see you in enough places, eventually, they will look. Again, the more places that people can see your name and face, the better.

Instagram has been widely used as well in the Internet Buzz. Not only because it is widely used by millions of people across the globe, but also because it has been modernized in some ways. For instance, through, people can now view private profiles.

The majority of social networks, work the same way, and have similar tools. Although, there is one social network that really stands out from the others, myLot. This site is 100% free to join, but what makes this site different is that they pay you for contributing content. They will pay you for posting in the forums, uploading pictures, and responding to ongoing discussions. Unlike MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube, myLot will also pay you for referrals. You would think that would be enough for someone to join, but they take it one step further by paying you 25% of your referrals accumulated earnings.

You will definitely want to sign up with myLot because their site is very active. Make sure you post topics asking people to check out your MySpace profile in order to get a buzz going. Remember, myLot is actually paying you to promote yourself. The more you post, the more money you make.

Remember to take advantage of every opportunity to put your name and face somewhere. You can never be in too many places at once. The key to getting a buzz going is to constantly stay in the public eye. If they know who you are, they will start to talk about you, and word of mouth is the best form of promotion.

Look Around These Cool 3 Car Accessories That Will Change The Way You Drive!

According to research, it is listed that a single-car contains at least 30,000 parts inside it, which starts from a small screw to other accessories. There is a high amount of advanced features that have made through which one can easily make their drive better. Car accessories are used so that one can take comfort as well as look attractive. While driving, your focus should be only on your driving, and with the help of some advanced car accessories, you can easily make your drive comfortable as well as smooth. If you are interested in buying car accessories, then you can visit this amazing website listed as Also, in this article, after scrolling down, you will be going to read about the 3 car accessories that will change the way you drive your car. Also, these car accessories will make your car cool and attractive, so better consider each term in a wise and appropriate manner. 

  • The very first thing you need to consider is commuters because, for the long-distance journey, it will provide you comfort as well as you will be able to smoothly drive your car through it. 
  • Considering an OEM system is best and beneficial for those individuals who own old cars. As with the help of this, you will be able to make your journeys fun-loving. As a reason, you are listening to music while driving makes you happy as well as you will be excited while driving.
  • LED lighting for night visions helps you to clearly view all the things while driving in the dark.

In the above section, I have mentioned all the 3 car accessories that will change the way you drive. May these cool accessories will become beneficial for you everytime you drive your car. 

Take The Internet Back Web Site – A Piece Of The Internet For Free

I am pretty sure that each and every one of us would have wanted to be a part of Google, eBay, or Paypal in the beginning. Now, everyone has a chance. You can own a slice of the next big Internet company, with the free download Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0. There are no monthly fees, no upgrades. If you find it hard to sell online, this is one company you should definitely sign up for.

Take The Internet Back has only two requirements. Refer two people – that’s all just two, and read advertisers emails one per day or the most 10, That’s it. Once you become a member and sign up, $10 is automatically deposited in your account. You can watch the company growing in your member’s area. Take The Internet Back is a legal U.S. Corporation that has been operating for 10 years. They are located in Graham, Washington, and provide their address on the website. The people backing this are three businessmen and an Internet company.

They are Winston Price, formerly a manager of hedge funds; Conrad Addison, involved with many Internet programs, a former businessman, and J. Brian Bailey, a former automotive consultant. The Internet company behind them is

Here’s how the program works:

Check which categories that you want to read from advertisers. For each email that you read, you get 1 point. Refer members and get 3 points. The more points you have, the more shares in the company you will eventually get. The money is divided up in three ways: 10% goes to the administration, 45% is paid to members,(points turn to cash) and 45% is for the war chest. The war chest money is used to buy or build other Internet companies that you also will be owning.

For payout, you just have to reach $20 and two referrals. They payout once each month, either by Paypal or check. Advertisers pay to Take The Internet Back for members to read the ads, and Take The Internet Back divides the revenue three ways, as I have described above.


You get $10 free upon signing up, pages of downloads for you to use only, not to resell to others and you can have as many shares as you want, as long as you have a lot of points. To become a full partner, you have to stay 180 days. If you don’t want to stay a member, you can quit the program, but if you quit before 180 is over, you lose any points that you’ve accumulated. If you stay, you will be a partner forever!

When there are so many scams about, it’s great to know that there is a company out there that is honest with the requirements and the job easy to do.

How I Lost 50 Lbs

It’s a fact of life, and a cruel slight of nature…to birth a child you must inevitably gain weight. For some more than others, this can mean much more weight than what is recommended. In my own case, I gained 80 lbs. After my daughter, however, I realized I was tired of being overweight. By the time her first birthday rolled around, I had shed all of my pregnancy weight, and then some! No small feat. Now, after my third child, I am well on my way to again shed the pounds accumulated during pregnancy. Yes, I am breastfeeding which is like a mini-workout, but I am also taking steps that will ensure I meet my goals even after she is weaned. After my second child, I went from 180 (after the birth) to 125, and got the same question over and over…how did you do it? Unfortunately, I had to give them the answer they didn’t want to hear, good old fashioned diet and exercise. Actually my plan was a little more elaborate than that, but here are some of the tips and tricks I used that will hopefully help you with your Weight loss programs.

  1. I took in 1500 calories a day (after I was done breastfeeding). I was a little manic about it at first, and I wrote down every single calorie that passed my lips, and I measured out every portion. After a few wks of this, I didn’t have to write things down and usually didn’t have to measure things out, I knew from sight what a cup of cereal looked like, or 4 oz of meat.
  1. I gave myself 1-2 cheat days. I would have pizza and beer on Friday night, or Sunday morning I would allow myself a really big breakfast with all the trimmings. It gave me something to look forward to and allowed me to indulge without the guilt.
  1. I found no-calorie or low-calorie alternatives. My biggest problem is snacking at night in front of the TV, so instead of chips, I switched to veggies. I also found out I love beets! A can of beets with salt and pepper may sound weird, but it truly does taste pretty good. Celery with low-calorie cheese spread was also a favorite choice, as well as 100 calorie bags of popcorn. And for nights when I could splurge I would toast up chickpeas in the oven for a yummy crunch.
  1. 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. No one wants to hear this one, but it’s true, you need to get off your rump and start moving. I would do it in front of the TV to a taped workout or walk my kids a few blocks to the park and back.

  1. Fill up on veggies! This goes along with number 3 but was so important I gave it it’s own heading. Vegetables are not only good for you offering vital nutrients, but they are low in calories. Try some that you have never heard of before, better yet, try some that you hated as a child. You may find that your tastes have changed. My favorites were beets, Brussels sprouts (the frozen kind with butter sauce), chickpeas, green beans, celery, and salads (with a light dressing of course).

That’s it really. Eat less, move more, and it will pay off. A sample diet plan for my day might look like this-

Breakfast- Oatmeal, and fruit, coffee with sweet and low


Lunch- Sandwich, and a 100 calorie soup, diet coke


Supper-1 cup pasta with tomato sauce, 1 slice homemade garlic toast (little or no butter), salad with a light dressing

Nighttime snack- veggie plate with low-calorie dressing for dipping

Good luck!

Is Social Media the Holy Grail of Business Development?

In today’s economy, most organizations are feeling the crunch and seeking new ways to elevate their visibility on the web, in communities and marketplaces, in order to help grow their customer-base.

We have learned how to leverage social media applications to, not only do just that, but also help organizations sharpen their strategic focus and strengthen their inner core while delivering higher value to their employees, stakeholders and customers.

So, the question, “Is social media the holy grail of business development?” In many ways the answer is yes, and in some ways, definitely not. However, the question might better serve us, in helping reach an understanding posed as, “How much impact can be made by the strategic planning and use of social media for businesses and organizations?” By trying to answer this question, many of the efforts put forth towards business growth and development, strategic planning, leadership, and team development can be integrated and redundant efforts reduced or eliminated. Want to buy Instagram views? Then proper search should be done at the social networking sites. The charges or rates should be paid after checking the rankings and reviews of the product. The promotion of the products will be effective for increasing the profit. 

With advertising having credibility with only 17% of the population and social media users like facebook comprising the equivalent of the world’s third most populous country, and with 4 generations in the workforce, a lot is changing in tomorrow’s economy, and at rates faster that can be posted on Youtube

Never before have marketing, internal communications, organizational development and HR been so closely entwined as in the corporate use of social media. In one unified process, markets can be reached and engaged; constituents, members and employees can be involved in two-way core and brand building communications; strategic plans can be aligned and implemented; Leaders and teams collaborate; and themes for employee development, training and retention can be heard and met in real time.

I stumbled upon this remarkable convergence while helping a client with the strategic use of social media and discovered they were getting strategic planning and core organizational development services from me at the same time, for free! It was the obvious potential for open “web 2.0” source applications to accomplish many objectives at once, that helped with this realization. An action oriented model that engages team members in social media based projects, can at the same time, accomplish man y professional and business development goals. But back to your problem of building your business:

Some of the brass tacks of a businesses buildingprocess may include the flowing steps:

1) Before a firm seeks to elevate their web presence, a disciplined approach must be developed, decided upon, and be mutually committed to.

2) This approach must guide all actions to follow.

3) The approach must be guided by the firm’s vision, values, mission, and principles; in short-its’ CORE.

4) An implementation strategy determining and using the right applications reflective of the goals to be achieved.

5) Social media site profiles that are consistent with the firm’s core and resonate with the intended audiences and communities.

6) Strictly brand-managed messaging that adds value, is respectful of the “social” media environment, positions the firm as an online subject authority, and does fill up the channel with noise. Sical media is a form of permission marketing, not interruption marketing.

7) Learn how engaging internal constituents and “brand ambassadors” helps tell your story.

8) Learn how engaging customers and/or members elevates visibility and credibility.

9) Create effective and adequate “link-juice”, searchable words, and meta-tags on the company website, and several other key search engine optimizing features.

10) The starting point to map a process may be somewhere in the middle.

11) Be a learning organization.

12) Engage experts to help you get started on the right foot and save time, money, resources and reputation.

What kind of company or organization should engage a social media consultant?

1) Established small and medium sized firms (5 to 20+ year companies) often have the most competitive advantages except for one: market visibility. In just a few years, traditional marketing has shrunk and migrated to the digital environment. A new virtual universe of speed and agility has eclipsed long planned, tried and proven print and multi-media advertising campaigns. For example, craigslist alone has virtually killed classified newspaper advertising. Many firms are trying to figure what happened and what to do about it. A small social media consultancy can help bridge the knowledge gap and get these highly qualified organizations and professionals back on top where they belong.

To caution the smaller business entrepreneur: many employees, relatives and friends will know how to set-up a facebook page, twitter account, or blog. While these skills may be helpful during implementation phases, it is not to be confused with a strategic web-based marketing campaign.

Remember, what happens in Vegas, on Facebook, stays in Vegas on Facebook.

2) New companies, start-ups.

3) While many firms are younger, and may possess the acumen for widely used social media tools, a strategic discipline for the use of these tools is vital.

4) Many larger firms have dedicated social media teams that occasionally consult outside research and consulting firms to help widen their aperture.

The key questions always start with a problem: “what do we need?” Followed by,” how do we get there?” While each firm’s position is unique, there are some democratized tools out there in the new web universe that can help anyone get from here to there, if used correctly.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Handbag

Coach handbags, coach wallets and accessories and coach evening bags can be seen everywhere. More and more people are recognizing the quality of coach’s products. Coach not only has bags in different colors but also many different trendy styles that they are constantly updating. Coach also has other accessories such as day planners, wristlets and umbrellas.

If you have a popular item and its worth its money with people willing to pay good money for it you know that there will be counterfeiters that will try to duplicate the design and try to pass them off as the actual product the only difference will be the quality. With Counterfeit items you never get the quality that you expect to get with a true authentic item. There are some things that will tip you off to a counterfeit coach handbag. A person should click here at the official websites to buy coach handbags. With the variety, the printing will be different from other companies. The wallets and bags will cost under the budget of the person to provide the advantage.

The first thing that you want to check for is the stitching. On counterfeit coach items the stitching. On Coach Bags it will be the same size stitch on every stitch. It is not sloppily done as Coach has quality assurance checking each bag.

Quality of material used will be another tip off. If the leather is not quality leather you may be looking at a fake coach bag. Coach uses quality leather and fabric and materials on their bags and accessories and quality is easily spotted.

Look at the zipper. Coach only uses zippers with YKK. If you don’t see YKK on the zippers you may want to look elsewhere. They always have a zipper pull on their bags, and it is made of leather.

The lining of the bag and the outside of the bag both have CC pattern it’s a fake. Coach never uses the pattern on both inside and outside.

Some of Coach’s bags are actually made in China but they are not made in Korea or Thailand. So you can’t be sure it is a fake bag if you see the Made in China Tag.

If you are buying a coach purse or coach handbag on an auction site you want to ask questions of the seller, check their ratings, and look at the photos make sure you know what you are buying. There are many great sellers online that are selling authentic coach handbags but there are just as many people selling fake bags.

Coach has wonderful quality products and that is why people are making counterfeit items of their stuff and trying to pass them off as original. Know what to look for before purchasing an item and you will lessen your chances of being ripped off by fake coach handbags.

Learning HTML: Part 1

HTML is the main language for building webpages so, if you want to build your own webpages, you might want to learn how to use HTML. HTML is not the only way to build webpages, however, and many sites exist which will enable webpages to be built in other ways, and there is plenty of software available which will also help build your own website. I cannot possibly cover all the possibilities, but this is one way which works and which you may find satisfaction in learning and using.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is a computer language for describing how documents (webpages) are presented. In order to do this the document content appears within the HTML between HTML tags. The HTML tags explain how the content is to be shown on the webpage.

HTML has been through a number of different versions since it was first introduced with changes and enhancements introduced often in an ad hoc way by different browsers, such as IE and Netscape. This makes the language difficult to learn in a definitive way, especially when browsers have always tended to be very lenient when interpreting HTML, so that even badly structured and syntactically incorrect code can be resolved by guesswork. You can go to this web-site to learn more about this syntax issue.

The flavour of HTML that I intend to use in this series of articles is intended to generally be compatible with HTML4 and XHTML and forward compatible. I believe that this is the best approach, because it will encourage good habits and lay a good basis for developing skills further.

HTML tags appear between angle brackets like this . It is a strict rule in XHTML that all tags must be terminated, so that tags often appear in pairs like this with other tags and content between them. The / symbol in the second tag indicates that it is a closing tag. Some tags can close themselves, for example the line break tag:

Here is the basic structure of an HTML document:

My First Webpage

This is where all the main content goes.

The indenting is not important, but is included for presentation purposes and helps to clarify the tag opening/closing structure. Case is important. Tags must be in lowercase. Again, most browsers will be tolerant of this, but if you do not follow this rule this may cause trouble for you and your webpages sometime in the future. Generally, spaces (except single spaces between words) are ignored in HTML. If you do need additional spaces then   will insert a single space.

HTML should be created by a Text Editor, such as Notepad. Never use a Word Processor such as Word to create an HTML document. If you want to find out why not, just try it. There are a number of free text editors available as well as editors created specifically for HTML. HTML editors are very good, but they will tend to impose their own flavour of HTML and also offer a rather confusing range of extra facilities so, if you are just beginning I advise that you avoid them for now until you are more familiar with the language and can make your own decisions about what editor you wish to use.

To start, just create a folder somewhere for your HTML documents and, using your text editor, type in the lines above exactly as they appear. Save the file as firstpage.html.

If you open up the folder in Windows Explorer, you should see the file you have just created. If you double click on it, the file should open up in your browser (probably IE) and give you a blank screen except for the words ‘This is where all the main content goes.’ The title will not appear in the main body but should appear in the title bar of the browser, up the top of the screen. It should look like the page here. That’s really not very exciting, but hopefully it should show that HTML is not difficult. The next webpage will be more interesting.