Electric Shavers

You want speed, convenience or a shaver that you can easily carry in your hand luggage for a holiday somewhere or that business trip? Well, your solution is an electric shaver. These shavers will give you a shave much faster than you ever imagined leaving your skin with no marks and supple. These shavers can be expensive though and some may not give you that shave that you desire so much and that’s why when you have decided to buy an electric shaver, you have to put a lot of factors into consideration so as not to get disappointed. remington-r7130

When buying electric shavers, there are a lot of features to consider and there are so many options to choose from. You may want a shaver that you can easily carry to the shower or a beard comb.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of electric shavers are:


  • Speed-using an electric shaver is a lot faster than using a razor blade shaver.
  • Convenience-you can use these shavers without water or jell and it’s less messy.
  • Portability– you can easily carry an elektrorasierer in your travelling bag when going for that holiday or business trip without worrying if it will remain charged for long because some will even go for two weeks without charging.landscape-1471387372-lead-photo-shavers


  • Expensive- these gadgets can be very expensive. A high end electric shaver with all features can be very expensive plus the blades needs constant changing. This is a major setback that cannot be experienced with razor blade shavers.
  • Perception-although we think that electric shavers are the best, survey shows that a majority still believe in razor blade shavers.

Some of the shavers available in the market are:

  • Main-only shavers- they are not rechargeable and need to be plugged during work.
  • Cordless shavers- give you freedom to move around while shaving but cannot be used while plugged into the source of power.
  • Mains rechargeable shavers-can only be used while plugged into the mains or cords
  • Rotary shavers-best suitable for those who don’t need everyday shaving.
  • Foil shavers-suitable for those people who need to look clean shaven consistently throughout the week.

Whichever model you choose to buy, first consider why you want that specific model and what exactly you want to achieve when using that very model.