Areola Tattooing: Everything You Need To Know About The Procedure

Tattoo is one of the most common cosmetic procedures around the world. People get tattooed on different parts of their bodies for fun. However, sometimes getting a tattoo can also improve and enhance a certain body part’s appearance as it focuses on repairing or reconstructing a specific area. This is why the areola tattoo has also become a popular tattoo, especially among breast cancer survivors. When a breast cancer Survivor undergoes surgery, they have to deal with some triggering and dysmorphic breast reconstruction surgery. This is also called mastectomy. Areola tattoo cannot some of the damage caused by the surgery and enhance the appearance of the areola and bring back to normal for the people who wish for it.  

Areola tattoo can be termed as a cosmetic procedure that is done is on the breast and chest right where the areola is. The concept behind this tattoo is to alter and change the appearance of the nipples by changing the shape or size. Areola tattoos are similar to any other tattoo procedure. Ink is deposited under the skin so that it can create a long-term image. The tattoo experts and professionals make sure that it looks natural and exactly as the natural areola looks. This tattoo can be a little painful as the area is extremely sensitive. People who get the tattoo can apply ointment or tattoo numbing cream for less pain.  

Tattoo numbing cream 

tattoo numbing cream will numb the area around the areola and breasts. This will make the tattoo procedure less painful and uncomfortable. This is a powerful procedure that will help you get back your areola to normal shape and size. Before you get the tattoo, make sure that you are relaxed and cool, as the procedure can be a little intimidating. After you get the tattoo, make sure that you do not irritate the skin by applying creams or lotions to soothe the pain. Only use the ointment prescribed by the surgeon, and make sure you follow all the rules. Areola tattoo is a great way to restore your confidence and be more secure with your appearance.