How to Spot a Fake Coach Handbag

Coach handbags, coach wallets and accessories and coach evening bags can be seen everywhere. More and more people are recognizing the quality of coach’s products. Coach not only has bags in different colors but also many different trendy styles that they are constantly updating. Coach also has other accessories such as day planners, wristlets and umbrellas.

If you have a popular item and its worth its money with people willing to pay good money for it you know that there will be counterfeiters that will try to duplicate the design and try to pass them off as the actual product the only difference will be the quality. With Counterfeit items you never get the quality that you expect to get with a true authentic item. There are some things that will tip you off to a counterfeit coach handbag. A person should click here at the official websites to buy coach handbags. With the variety, the printing will be different from other companies. The wallets and bags will cost under the budget of the person to provide the advantage.

The first thing that you want to check for is the stitching. On counterfeit coach items the stitching. On Coach Bags it will be the same size stitch on every stitch. It is not sloppily done as Coach has quality assurance checking each bag.

Quality of material used will be another tip off. If the leather is not quality leather you may be looking at a fake coach bag. Coach uses quality leather and fabric and materials on their bags and accessories and quality is easily spotted.

Look at the zipper. Coach only uses zippers with YKK. If you don’t see YKK on the zippers you may want to look elsewhere. They always have a zipper pull on their bags, and it is made of leather.

The lining of the bag and the outside of the bag both have CC pattern it’s a fake. Coach never uses the pattern on both inside and outside.

Some of Coach’s bags are actually made in China but they are not made in Korea or Thailand. So you can’t be sure it is a fake bag if you see the Made in China Tag.

If you are buying a coach purse or coach handbag on an auction site you want to ask questions of the seller, check their ratings, and look at the photos make sure you know what you are buying. There are many great sellers online that are selling authentic coach handbags but there are just as many people selling fake bags.

Coach has wonderful quality products and that is why people are making counterfeit items of their stuff and trying to pass them off as original. Know what to look for before purchasing an item and you will lessen your chances of being ripped off by fake coach handbags.