Customers Say: Keep It Simple and Consistent

Everyone working in a business today understands that marketing and customer interaction are more complex than ever before which is why they Buy Instagram Views for Cheap which are 100% Real. Yet, despite the complexity of the business, customers want their experience or interaction with your business to be simple and direct. What is more, at the very time that channel marketing experts are reminding you that every channel and platform is different and that you must communicate with customers on each channel differently, branding experts and your customers are reminding you that your brand image and your style of interaction with customers must be consistent across all channels of customer contact. The bottom line: keep it simple and consistent.

Marketing is both confusing and challenging today. Yet determining how to make everything simple and direct for the customer and how to be consistent across a plethora of channels, each with unique characteristics and demands, is actually what makes marketing fun. The way you do this is by learning to imitate a duck – smooth on the surface, paddling like crazy underwater.

Watching ducks run is always a hilarious experience. Yet ducks (and most other waterfowl) often amaze us because they are so smooth and graceful when they glide across a pond or stream. What we cannot see is the paddling beneath the surface. This is what our customers and prospects expect from our business marketing and customer service.

How is your duck imitation?

Branding requires consistency. Branding tells people who you are, what you stand for, what products or services you offer, and how they can expect you to interact with them. People often do not trust what you tell them about how your firm will interact with them. Trust evolves from consistent experiences with your company that demonstrate how you interact with them. An inconsistent experience undermines that trust.

Therefore, every interaction with a customer or prospect must be consistent, must demonstrate your company’s values, and must inspire trust. You must be consistent throughout your organization to ensure that every contact with your company provides a similar experience. You must be consistent in all of your marketing, despite the need to modify or personalize your message for the character of the marketing channel – including each unique social media platform.

Are you having fun yet?

The other customer expectation is that interacting with your business will be simple and direct. Regardless of the complexities of your business, your products or services, or your strategy, the customer expects easy, logical, and direct access to information, products, assistance, and service. These things, for example, should be simple and direct for your customer:

  • Your company should be easy to find on the Internet
  • Your brick and mortar location (if you have one) should be easy to find
  • Your website should have clear and simple navigation that makes it easy and fast to find what they are looking for
  • Contact information should be easy to find
  • Subscribing to a blog or a newsletter should be easy
  • It should be easy to find you on the major social media platforms
  • It should be easy to find testimonials and recommendations about your company
  • Your team should be prepared to respond professionally and quickly to any request for support or information
  • You should have processes and people in place to answer questions quickly

Now you are starting to have fun, right?

Today, the customer holds the power in business transactions, and they know it. What they expect of the companies with whom they choose to do business is a seamless consistency across all channels of interaction and all brand experiences. They want to know what to expect from your company, always. They also expect you to make it simple for them to locate and conduct business with your company. They do not want to waste 30 minutes trying to find a report on your website or be redirected multiple times in order to subscribe to your blog.

You can do this. You can also have fun doing it. Just perfect your duck imitation and understand the importance of gliding smoothly on the surface (regardless of what is happening underwater or behind the scenes). Think about customer interaction from the customer’s point of view. Then make your company’s presence predictable, simple, and consistent.