Dascoin- The Next Big Mechanism

Dascoin is a digital asset system generally known as cryptocurrency, based in Hong-Kong.  Just like bitcoin, Dascoin has also emerged as the next great cryptocurrency in the market.  Dascoin is a cryptocurrency that is created to supply its customer with a highly secured system by introducing the KYC (know your customer) system of operation into the financial market In line with government stipulations for financial institutions.

Who Converts Physical currency to Dascoin?

Net Leaders is an organization that deals in the registration of new accounts and purchase of digital asset units in form of Dascoin and makes it possible to transfer and trade Dascoin anywhere in the world. Net Leaders does this by providing a groundbreaking techie platform which is combined with outstanding computer hardwares and the next brand of blockchain technology with KYC verification scheme.

Who Can Use Dascoin?

Anybody can use Dascoin, Individuals, companies and organizations are all welcome to use Dascoin. For unlimited access to Dascoin you have to create an account with Net Leader and choose one of Net Leaders package. Once you purchase one of the packages you receive a Net Leader license document/Certificate after which you can receive and transfer Dascoin.

What is required to create an account with Net Leader?

To create an account with Net Leader you need to enter the following into the online form that will be provided:

Sponsor, Username, Login information which includes: your own personal username and Password. Also, personal details and it includes First name, Last name, Email address, mobile phone number (that includes your country code where you reside. you will also need to sign a form of agreement between you and Net Leader indicating that you are 18 years or older and that you agree with terms and conditions, Rules and Regulations and Privacy policy of Netleaders.

Dascoin has more advantages compared to other Cyptocurrencies this has earned it “2017 cryptocurrency of choice.”