Different Types Of Hoverboard

Hoverboards and other forms of motorized devices used as walking-replacements are not yet mainstream. But with the popularity steadily growing as seen, they manage to show up in every city sidewalks, in YouTube and as used by social media stars. With the popularity of hoverboard, many people want to know hoverboard prices. On that note, here are different types of hoverboards and similar walking-replacement devices you better know.hoverboards-testing

Hands-Free Segway

This two-wheeled hoverboard is currently at the top of all other types of hoverboards. They are pretty much easy and simple to use, you just have to lean forward and backward in order to go in reverse. If you want to turn right, you simply need to place some pressure using your right foot and pretty much the same thing to turn to the left.


The OneWheelhoverboard is considered by many as one that’s really curious. This hoverboard is but a simple board that comes with a big motorized wheel located in the middle. Seeing it up close, this hoverboard does have an effect of being really cool as seems to defy physics, not to mention the obvious that it has only one wheel. In order to ride it, you need to stand on the footrests and then lean forward and well you just got to believe in yourself, I guess.


Another type of hoverboard that is popular right now is the Hendohoverboard. The thing about Hendohoverboard is that it can only hover on limited surfaces and the battery, unfortunately dies a bit quick. The main feature of Hendohoverboard is that it utilizes powerful magnets so that it can lift itself from the ground. However, that means that it can only limitedly operate over metal sheets.hoverboards-testing

Lexus Hoverboard

Another hoverboard that’s popular is the Lexus hoverboard, being the only hoverboard in all types that actually hovers. However, Lexus can only hover on a track that is specially designed, thus it is not being produced in mass numbers. At most, the Lexus hoverboard is created for car commercials.


This hoverboard is not yet in production but it is expected to be available about spring of 2016. A promotional video with regards to this new hoverboard device was unveiled just weeks ago and there have been more than a few who are awed by this device. It is said to go 6.2 miles/hour and moves when you step on it, then turns as you shift your weight. Even though it’s still in production, the WalkCar is definitely one that is worth the mention.

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