Features Too Look Out For When Buying A Programmable Thermostat

In a means to control the temperature of a room it is common to see people frequently open and close their bedroom or siting room window and door. But what if you could regulate the temperature of your living or sleeping room without having to do so? A thermostat is one gadget that promises to do just that. Its primary function is to keep your environment desirable by regulating the room temperature of your home space. Because of the many thermostats in the market, many buyers find it difficult to know what features to look for when specifically purchasing the programmable thermostat. Here are some things to look out for.

Features of a Programmable Thermostat


  • Compatibility

In case you have an air conditioner in your home, it is advisable to check if the programmable thermostat you are planning to buy is compatible with your air conditioner. Most programmable thermostat manufactures will provide a list of thermostats that are compatible with your air conditioner. Besides the latter and to work well, your chosen thermostat should also be able to connect with your entire home network.

  • Touchscreen

One of the current and best programmable thermostats is one that has a touchscreen. When buying your thermostat, check on the size of its screen as big screen thermostats tend to be easier to set than small screened ones.

  • Remote Accessibility

The best programmable thermostat will be able to make remote connection to your home via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With There are also thermostats that can be configured and operated via a mobile app or smartphone.


  • Motion Sensors

With advancement of technology, most top quality home thermostats can sense when someone is at home and adjust the heating and cooling system accordingly. They can also be configured in a way to allow measuring of room temperature before adjustment.


One of the best ways to pick a programmable thermostat is to ensure that it has most of the features that you fancy.

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