How to Connect your Headsets to Xbox 360?

You will enjoy playing games with your Xbox 360 if you have the right pair headsets, of course. If you are searching for the best ones, click here In case you already have the headset and you want to know how to use them. Whether you are using the standard headsets or the expensive ones loaded with features, follow the same procedure to use them:

  • Headsets can either be wireless or wired. If you have a wireless pair, then you have to charge them first. The process of charging them is similar to charging a mobile phone.
  • In order to connect the headsets, you have to be sure that you have turned on the Xbox. You will see a display on the TV as the controller is synced with the device as player one.
  • If you are using a wired headset, plug a 2.5 mm pin into the bottom of the controller. On the other hand, if you are using the wireless headset, you have to first charge them and then sync them. You will see the sync button at the front of the Xbox 360 which you have to press along with the sync button present on your wireless headset. As soon as they are synced, the lights on the headset will flash. Now, you have successfully synced the headset to your Xbox 360.
  • Test the volume of the headset because it will be set to zero by default.
  • If you want to test to make sure your headset is connected, press the home button placed on the controller.

Now that you have successfully connected the headsets, you will be able to enjoy playing your favorite games with Xbox 360. Follow these tips carefully to get everything right. These steps are simple enough for anyone to follow.