Mind Blowing Facts About The Olympic Games

Majority would agree that kiu kiu online or any other game out there, regardless if online or offline pales in comparison with the Olympic Games. Since it’s held every four years, expect it to be a highlight of its corresponding year. Fans from every country watch with awe and anticipation at every event, hoping that their country snags the gold and the victory. Even though the Olympics is a bit further down the road, let us share some great facts to get into that Olympic game spirit.

6 Shocking Olympic Facts

  • During the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, two Japanese athletes competed against one another in pole-vaulting and resulted in a tie for the second place. Instead of the usual procedure where they compete again, what they did was cut both the silver and bronze medals in half. Afterwards, they fused the different halves so they both had a silver and bronze piece in the end.
  • Some of you may be wondering why the Olympic logo is designed as it is and find it shocking how simple and obvious the reasons are.These colors were considered because every flag in the world contains at least one of the displayed color. Meanwhile, the five rings symbolize the five inhabited continents.
  • It was only in the 2012 Olympic Games held in London where every country that participated sent out female athletes.

  • Traditionally, the Olympic flame is supposed to burn brightly in the whole duration of the event. In cases where the flame does unfortunately go out, it is only ignited with the readied backup flame.
  • The initial mascot of the Olympic Games was a dachshund named Wandi back in 1972 at Munich.
  • All in all, 23 various countries has been given the chance to host the Olympic Games.