Take The Internet Back Web Site – A Piece Of The Internet For Free

I am pretty sure that each and every one of us would have wanted to be a part of Google, eBay, or Paypal in the beginning. Now, everyone has a chance. You can own a slice of the next big Internet company, with the free download Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0. There are no monthly fees, no upgrades. If you find it hard to sell online, this is one company you should definitely sign up for.

Take The Internet Back has only two requirements. Refer two people – that’s all just two, and read advertisers emails one per day or the most 10, That’s it. Once you become a member and sign up, $10 is automatically deposited in your account. You can watch the company growing in your member’s area. Take The Internet Back is a legal U.S. Corporation that has been operating for 10 years. They are located in Graham, Washington, and provide their address on the website. The people backing this are three businessmen and an Internet company.

They are Winston Price, formerly a manager of hedge funds; Conrad Addison, involved with many Internet programs, a former businessman, and J. Brian Bailey, a former automotive consultant. The Internet company behind them is itconsultinglive.com.

Here’s how the program works:

Check which categories that you want to read from advertisers. For each email that you read, you get 1 point. Refer members and get 3 points. The more points you have, the more shares in the company you will eventually get. The money is divided up in three ways: 10% goes to the administration, 45% is paid to members,(points turn to cash) and 45% is for the war chest. The war chest money is used to buy or build other Internet companies that you also will be owning.

For payout, you just have to reach $20 and two referrals. They payout once each month, either by Paypal or check. Advertisers pay to Take The Internet Back for members to read the ads, and Take The Internet Back divides the revenue three ways, as I have described above.


You get $10 free upon signing up, pages of downloads for you to use only, not to resell to others and you can have as many shares as you want, as long as you have a lot of points. To become a full partner, you have to stay 180 days. If you don’t want to stay a member, you can quit the program, but if you quit before 180 is over, you lose any points that you’ve accumulated. If you stay, you will be a partner forever!

When there are so many scams about, it’s great to know that there is a company out there that is honest with the requirements and the job easy to do.

How I Lost 50 Lbs

It’s a fact of life, and a cruel slight of nature…to birth a child you must inevitably gain weight. For some more than others, this can mean much more weight than what is recommended. In my own case, I gained 80 lbs. After my daughter, however, I realized I was tired of being overweight. By the time her first birthday rolled around, I had shed all of my pregnancy weight, and then some! No small feat. Now, after my third child, I am well on my way to again shed the pounds accumulated during pregnancy. Yes, I am breastfeeding which is like a mini-workout, but I am also taking steps that will ensure I meet my goals even after she is weaned. After my second child, I went from 180 (after the birth) to 125, and got the same question over and over…how did you do it? Unfortunately, I had to give them the answer they didn’t want to hear, good old fashioned diet and exercise. Actually my plan was a little more elaborate than that, but here are some of the tips and tricks I used that will hopefully help you with your Weight loss programs.

  1. I took in 1500 calories a day (after I was done breastfeeding). I was a little manic about it at first, and I wrote down every single calorie that passed my lips, and I measured out every portion. After a few wks of this, I didn’t have to write things down and usually didn’t have to measure things out, I knew from sight what a cup of cereal looked like, or 4 oz of meat.
  1. I gave myself 1-2 cheat days. I would have pizza and beer on Friday night, or Sunday morning I would allow myself a really big breakfast with all the trimmings. It gave me something to look forward to and allowed me to indulge without the guilt.
  1. I found no-calorie or low-calorie alternatives. My biggest problem is snacking at night in front of the TV, so instead of chips, I switched to veggies. I also found out I love beets! A can of beets with salt and pepper may sound weird, but it truly does taste pretty good. Celery with low-calorie cheese spread was also a favorite choice, as well as 100 calorie bags of popcorn. And for nights when I could splurge I would toast up chickpeas in the oven for a yummy crunch.
  1. 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week. No one wants to hear this one, but it’s true, you need to get off your rump and start moving. I would do it in front of the TV to a taped workout or walk my kids a few blocks to the park and back.

  1. Fill up on veggies! This goes along with number 3 but was so important I gave it it’s own heading. Vegetables are not only good for you offering vital nutrients, but they are low in calories. Try some that you have never heard of before, better yet, try some that you hated as a child. You may find that your tastes have changed. My favorites were beets, Brussels sprouts (the frozen kind with butter sauce), chickpeas, green beans, celery, and salads (with a light dressing of course).

That’s it really. Eat less, move more, and it will pay off. A sample diet plan for my day might look like this-

Breakfast- Oatmeal, and fruit, coffee with sweet and low


Lunch- Sandwich, and a 100 calorie soup, diet coke


Supper-1 cup pasta with tomato sauce, 1 slice homemade garlic toast (little or no butter), salad with a light dressing

Nighttime snack- veggie plate with low-calorie dressing for dipping

Good luck!

Is Social Media the Holy Grail of Business Development?

In today’s economy, most organizations are feeling the crunch and seeking new ways to elevate their visibility on the web, in communities and marketplaces, in order to help grow their customer-base.

We have learned how to leverage social media applications to, not only do just that, but also help organizations sharpen their strategic focus and strengthen their inner core while delivering higher value to their employees, stakeholders and customers.

So, the question, “Is social media the holy grail of business development?” In many ways the answer is yes, and in some ways, definitely not. However, the question might better serve us, in helping reach an understanding posed as, “How much impact can be made by the strategic planning and use of social media for businesses and organizations?” By trying to answer this question, many of the efforts put forth towards business growth and development, strategic planning, leadership, and team development can be integrated and redundant efforts reduced or eliminated. Want to buy Instagram views? Then proper search should be done at the social networking sites. The charges or rates should be paid after checking the rankings and reviews of the product. The promotion of the products will be effective for increasing the profit. 

With advertising having credibility with only 17% of the population and social media users like facebook comprising the equivalent of the world’s third most populous country, and with 4 generations in the workforce, a lot is changing in tomorrow’s economy, and at rates faster that can be posted on Youtube

Never before have marketing, internal communications, organizational development and HR been so closely entwined as in the corporate use of social media. In one unified process, markets can be reached and engaged; constituents, members and employees can be involved in two-way core and brand building communications; strategic plans can be aligned and implemented; Leaders and teams collaborate; and themes for employee development, training and retention can be heard and met in real time.

I stumbled upon this remarkable convergence while helping a client with the strategic use of social media and discovered they were getting strategic planning and core organizational development services from me at the same time, for free! It was the obvious potential for open “web 2.0” source applications to accomplish many objectives at once, that helped with this realization. An action oriented model that engages team members in social media based projects, can at the same time, accomplish man y professional and business development goals. But back to your problem of building your business:

Some of the brass tacks of a businesses buildingprocess may include the flowing steps:

1) Before a firm seeks to elevate their web presence, a disciplined approach must be developed, decided upon, and be mutually committed to.

2) This approach must guide all actions to follow.

3) The approach must be guided by the firm’s vision, values, mission, and principles; in short-its’ CORE.

4) An implementation strategy determining and using the right applications reflective of the goals to be achieved.

5) Social media site profiles that are consistent with the firm’s core and resonate with the intended audiences and communities.

6) Strictly brand-managed messaging that adds value, is respectful of the “social” media environment, positions the firm as an online subject authority, and does fill up the channel with noise. Sical media is a form of permission marketing, not interruption marketing.

7) Learn how engaging internal constituents and “brand ambassadors” helps tell your story.

8) Learn how engaging customers and/or members elevates visibility and credibility.

9) Create effective and adequate “link-juice”, searchable words, and meta-tags on the company website, and several other key search engine optimizing features.

10) The starting point to map a process may be somewhere in the middle.

11) Be a learning organization.

12) Engage experts to help you get started on the right foot and save time, money, resources and reputation.

What kind of company or organization should engage a social media consultant?

1) Established small and medium sized firms (5 to 20+ year companies) often have the most competitive advantages except for one: market visibility. In just a few years, traditional marketing has shrunk and migrated to the digital environment. A new virtual universe of speed and agility has eclipsed long planned, tried and proven print and multi-media advertising campaigns. For example, craigslist alone has virtually killed classified newspaper advertising. Many firms are trying to figure what happened and what to do about it. A small social media consultancy can help bridge the knowledge gap and get these highly qualified organizations and professionals back on top where they belong.

To caution the smaller business entrepreneur: many employees, relatives and friends will know how to set-up a facebook page, twitter account, or blog. While these skills may be helpful during implementation phases, it is not to be confused with a strategic web-based marketing campaign.

Remember, what happens in Vegas, on Facebook, stays in Vegas on Facebook.

2) New companies, start-ups.

3) While many firms are younger, and may possess the acumen for widely used social media tools, a strategic discipline for the use of these tools is vital.

4) Many larger firms have dedicated social media teams that occasionally consult outside research and consulting firms to help widen their aperture.

The key questions always start with a problem: “what do we need?” Followed by,” how do we get there?” While each firm’s position is unique, there are some democratized tools out there in the new web universe that can help anyone get from here to there, if used correctly.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Handbag

Coach handbags, coach wallets and accessories and coach evening bags can be seen everywhere. More and more people are recognizing the quality of coach’s products. Coach not only has bags in different colors but also many different trendy styles that they are constantly updating. Coach also has other accessories such as day planners, wristlets and umbrellas.

If you have a popular item and its worth its money with people willing to pay good money for it you know that there will be counterfeiters that will try to duplicate the design and try to pass them off as the actual product the only difference will be the quality. With Counterfeit items you never get the quality that you expect to get with a true authentic item. There are some things that will tip you off to a counterfeit coach handbag. A person should click here at the official websites to buy coach handbags. With the variety, the printing will be different from other companies. The wallets and bags will cost under the budget of the person to provide the advantage.

The first thing that you want to check for is the stitching. On counterfeit coach items the stitching. On Coach Bags it will be the same size stitch on every stitch. It is not sloppily done as Coach has quality assurance checking each bag.

Quality of material used will be another tip off. If the leather is not quality leather you may be looking at a fake coach bag. Coach uses quality leather and fabric and materials on their bags and accessories and quality is easily spotted.

Look at the zipper. Coach only uses zippers with YKK. If you don’t see YKK on the zippers you may want to look elsewhere. They always have a zipper pull on their bags, and it is made of leather.

The lining of the bag and the outside of the bag both have CC pattern it’s a fake. Coach never uses the pattern on both inside and outside.

Some of Coach’s bags are actually made in China but they are not made in Korea or Thailand. So you can’t be sure it is a fake bag if you see the Made in China Tag.

If you are buying a coach purse or coach handbag on an auction site you want to ask questions of the seller, check their ratings, and look at the photos make sure you know what you are buying. There are many great sellers online that are selling authentic coach handbags but there are just as many people selling fake bags.

Coach has wonderful quality products and that is why people are making counterfeit items of their stuff and trying to pass them off as original. Know what to look for before purchasing an item and you will lessen your chances of being ripped off by fake coach handbags.

Learning HTML: Part 1

HTML is the main language for building webpages so, if you want to build your own webpages, you might want to learn how to use HTML. HTML is not the only way to build webpages, however, and many sites exist which will enable webpages to be built in other ways, and there is plenty of software available which will also help build your own website. I cannot possibly cover all the possibilities, but this is one way which works and which you may find satisfaction in learning and using.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. This is a computer language for describing how documents (webpages) are presented. In order to do this the document content appears within the HTML between HTML tags. The HTML tags explain how the content is to be shown on the webpage.

HTML has been through a number of different versions since it was first introduced with changes and enhancements introduced often in an ad hoc way by different browsers, such as IE and Netscape. This makes the language difficult to learn in a definitive way, especially when browsers have always tended to be very lenient when interpreting HTML, so that even badly structured and syntactically incorrect code can be resolved by guesswork. You can go to this web-site to learn more about this syntax issue.

The flavour of HTML that I intend to use in this series of articles is intended to generally be compatible with HTML4 and XHTML and forward compatible. I believe that this is the best approach, because it will encourage good habits and lay a good basis for developing skills further.

HTML tags appear between angle brackets like this . It is a strict rule in XHTML that all tags must be terminated, so that tags often appear in pairs like this with other tags and content between them. The / symbol in the second tag indicates that it is a closing tag. Some tags can close themselves, for example the line break tag:

Here is the basic structure of an HTML document:

My First Webpage

This is where all the main content goes.

The indenting is not important, but is included for presentation purposes and helps to clarify the tag opening/closing structure. Case is important. Tags must be in lowercase. Again, most browsers will be tolerant of this, but if you do not follow this rule this may cause trouble for you and your webpages sometime in the future. Generally, spaces (except single spaces between words) are ignored in HTML. If you do need additional spaces then   will insert a single space.

HTML should be created by a Text Editor, such as Notepad. Never use a Word Processor such as Word to create an HTML document. If you want to find out why not, just try it. There are a number of free text editors available as well as editors created specifically for HTML. HTML editors are very good, but they will tend to impose their own flavour of HTML and also offer a rather confusing range of extra facilities so, if you are just beginning I advise that you avoid them for now until you are more familiar with the language and can make your own decisions about what editor you wish to use.

To start, just create a folder somewhere for your HTML documents and, using your text editor, type in the lines above exactly as they appear. Save the file as firstpage.html.

If you open up the folder in Windows Explorer, you should see the file you have just created. If you double click on it, the file should open up in your browser (probably IE) and give you a blank screen except for the words ‘This is where all the main content goes.’ The title will not appear in the main body but should appear in the title bar of the browser, up the top of the screen. It should look like the page here. That’s really not very exciting, but hopefully it should show that HTML is not difficult. The next webpage will be more interesting.

Love in the 21st Century — Finding Love Online

Trying to find love today is completely different than it was 50 years ago. For example, my recent visit to a dating site, privatedater.com, made it very clear that love isn’t even free these days. As a matter of fact, according to the Gold membership requirements, one year of love will cost you at the rate of $11.66 per month, for a total of $139.92. For all of you hard-core romantics out there, I can just hear you screaming now, “Can you really put a price on love?” Well, yes, you can. If you are serious about meeting someone online for a few fun dates or a long-term relationship, paying for the service is a requirement if you want to do more than just look at various pics and send what’s known as “flirts” — flirty, simple, usually one-line messages that indicate you are interested in a particular person. In order to actually communicate with that person who has caught your eye, you must sign up for a one-month, three-month, six-month, or year-long membership, otherwise, your efforts will be in vain as most sites strictly prohibit you from providing your email address or other contact info in your profile.

When I first signed up at privatedater.com, there were different sites within the site I could’ve chosen-amateur match, dating for parents, matchmaker, and dater. Since the amateur match was for the younger set and my kids are grown, I decided to use the matchmaker service. I was asked for all the usual, pertinent info: location, name, screen name and password, height, weight, gender, age (birthday), hair color, eye color, body type, religious affiliation/beliefs, and the list goes on. After supplying the requested info, I had to create my profile.

When you’re creating a profile on a запознанства по интернет, it’s best, to be honest, and creative, but only to a certain extent. For example, if you are a cancer patient (or even a cancer survivor), I wouldn’t suggest letting everyone know right away. Once you have met someone and established a comfortable, trusting relationship, that’s when I would share that kind of sensitive information. It’s fine, to be honest regarding how you look; as a matter of fact, the worst thing you can do is lie about your physical attributes. As for everything else, make your profile unique; make sure it grabs a person’s attention right away. Displaying your own unique sense of humor never hurts either. If you can make someone laugh, that’s always a plus. Never try to be narrow-minded, either. For example, if you refuse to date anyone who is over or under a certain age, or if you have a “thing” for red hair, you may be cheating yourself out of meeting some extremely nice and even fascinating people. Always keep an open mind when it comes to dating sites.

After I created my profile, I was given the opportunity to view singles within a specified mileage range of my location. I got to pick how many miles, of course. I was suddenly given 300 pics of single, available men in my area. For the most part, the pictures I viewed showed a variety of average men who were all looking for different things. “Too Pretty For Prison” was a bit scary, to say the least, but just as there are a variety of people on the planet, the same applies to every dating site you will ever visit.

To be completely honest, looking for love in the 21st century can be a tedious, if not overwhelming, task. If you’ve spent any time at all browsing dating sites (as I have), then you already know how daunting the whole process can seem. But take to heart that your perfect match just might be the next picture you click on. Even if you aren’t looking for love, there are still options out there for you. Just a quick browse of a person’s profile can alert you to what they are looking for, whether it’s something serious and long-term, a one-night stand, or a friends-only scenario.

Once you’ve found that special someone, never forget to always practice safety first. That means if things have progressed online to the point where the two of you are planning to meet, do not give the person your address and allow him/her to meet you at your home. Always meet in a public place. If the other person balks at your suggestion to meet in public, that’s a red flag that maybe it isn’t such a good idea to continue the relationship. Also, any kind of verbal or emotional abuse is another red flag. If at any time the person you’ve been talking to becomes angry, belligerent, or otherwise abusive, that’s another sign that this person is not the right one for you. It’s also a good idea to let a trusted friend or family member know your plans (who you’re going out with, where you’re going and when you expect to return home). That way, just in case something does go awry, someone will have information that they will be able to provide to the police. No matter how much you may want to, no matter how charming your date may be, allow things to progress at their own rate. Once you are truly comfortable and feel you can trust the person, that’s when it’s acceptable to let your guard down (but just a little).

Even though trying to find that one special person among a sea of many others looking for the same thing can seem daunting, don’t get discouraged. There are numerous sites out there that host hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of members who may just be your perfect match. The most important thing to remember when dealing with the opposite sex, whether it’s in person or online, is that the other person is a human being too, and they want the same thing you do — a loving, committed relationship. All of that is possible, of course, as long as you remember this bit of advice: Above all else, have fun!

Online Games- Gambling On The Net The Latest Fashion Trend

There is an underlying fact human beings are quite stubborn and shameless individuals who love to keep things their way and live life on their own terms and can’t stand anyone trying to dictate to them on what and how to do.

As the baton passes on to each new generation, the youngsters become more and more rigid and conceited in their belief and don’t have any fancy scruples left in them to ponder over.

It is these same people that have taken to gambling in a big way and consider it as one of the best sports that they have come across and far entertaining than soccer, football, basketball, etc.

Popular Forum

When it comes to gambling, there are varied opinions regarding its inclusion in the sports genre and its complete disregard by so called experts, who consider it as nothing more than a game with disastrous outcomes that is a lure for fools and has to be abolished in the legal domain once and for all.

However, as far as the entertainment quotient is concerned, it continues to be popular among people of different age groups and, to be honest, there is no harm in trying out something like Judi slot online to as long as it is within the boundaries of safe bets.

There are different casino games that can be looked up online and some of them are as follows:

  • Slots- The slot machine is the first thing to look for where you insert a coin and pull the lever, which is when the wheel starts spinning and three patterns are shown, which is when you get paid based on the symbols and if all three are identical, you’ve hit the jackpot
  • Russian Roulette- You throw a ball on the table numbered from 0 to 100 when it starts spinning and when the ball lands on the numbered opening, you are paid based on the number
  • Black Jack
  • Poker

Retro Video Game Review: Tetris 2 (NES)

Overall Rating: 2/5 Stars

Back in 1993, Nintendo released Tetris 2 for the NES home console, a sequel to the legendary classic Tetris video game that was a worldwide sensation and will be regarded as one of the best titles of all time for decades to come. As 1993 was a very late period in the life cycle of the Nintendo Entertainment System, it could be conjectured that this particular cartridge was just a shallow attempt at earning some quick revenue by recycling a vastly popular name. Whether this was truly their intention or not is debatable, but in either case, the cart is almost universally acknowledged to be notably inferior to the standard-setting original. Along with the modern, the Level 30 League Account can be purchased in the retro mode. The games can be played with black and white background without the visual effects. It will guide the players about the video games of the retro time. 


Rather than compose horizontal lines of dropped shapes in the field of play as in the original Tetris, the sequel Tetris 2’s goal is to eliminate the key block from each of three colors: Blue, red, and yellow. Much like Dr. Mario, each round begins with some blocks already in play, which must be eliminated, and each round has successively more to get rid of. The player can either go right for these shiny blocks to get rid of the like-colored units, or churn through the pieces one-by-one as is necessary to an extent on later levels.

Blocks are gotten rid of by connecting three blocks of the same color; again, much like Dr. Mario. This time, though, rather than pills, the tetrad shapes of the original Tetris return, with a couple of key differences; each single-block unit of the shapes is composed of one of the three colors, which must be carefully manipulated in order to drop onto desired combinations of coloring, and there are special shapes with blocks only connected by a corner to the other parts of the shape. In these cases, if the bulk of the shape impacts first, then these small one-block shapes break off and can be independently controlled.

There is also a two-player mode, in which all the blocks are required for removal rather than just the key ones; the key ones, instead, when eliminated, cause the other players’ vertical limit to be reduced, making successive shapes fall into the playing field at a lower height, and reducing the ceiling allowed for playing room. There is, additionally, an option to play the computer. Whether playing the one-player mode, two-player, or against the computer, settings for speed, starting level, and background music can be changed.


The charm of the original has been removed. Gone is the subtle Russian cultural tinge, gone are the cameos from Nintendo franchise characters, gone is the perfectly subdued background imagery, and gone is anything resembling a high-quality puzzle game. Instead, we are treated to loosely Aztec/Egyptian imagery (?!) which boils down to animal-themed stick-figure hieroglyphs that look lazily drawn. The pieces no longer have that distinct crisp, clean feel, with entire hue-theme changes as levels progress; no, you get the pleasure of enduring the same three childish primary colors throughout the entire experience without exception. Lame.


Forget the eternally renowned masterfully composed background tracks of the original Tetris. In their place are three overly generalized, far-too-“boopy,” stupid tunes that barely qualify as background music. The sound effects are minimal, so do not expect an awesome chime or sound of success when you execute a sweet combo or a Tetris – oh, but there is no tetris move to do anymore.


This entire video game feels like a cheap rip-off of Dr. Mario with an added gimmick or two that vomits all over the legacy of the original, perfected Tetris. It simply is an inferior game that fails to follow the adage of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This game, indeed, attempts to “add” to an experience that was sublime; in making it slightly more gaudy and complicated, it instead feels watered-down and a waste of time. There is not even a one-player marathon mode. This yawn-worthy sequel gets two stars out of five, and is lucky to get that.

Safest Ways To Store Bitcoins

When it comes to storage of bitcoins, there are not many people that know about the safest ways through which they can store bitcoins. Moreover, people that are into bitcoin trading through apps like the Bitcoin revolution app do get advanced safety features that allow them to keep their bitcoins safe online. If you are wondering Do celebrities recommend the use of Bitcoin Revolution? For that, you can follow this link here and find out for yourself.

Coming back to the safest ways through which you can keep your bitcoins safe. Here is a list of ways that you can try according to your requirements and resources. 

  • One of the most popular cold storage methods is desktop storage. In this method, you save your bitcoins on a desktop that is not connected to the internet making it more secure and accessible. Additionally, the risk of losing your online security key is significantly reduced.
    However, it is really important that you keep in mind the fact that desktops are prone to viruses and malware, and once your system crashes you would not be able to restore your bitcoins no matter what. 
  • A hardware wallet is a much secure alternative to storing your bitcoins physically. You use an external drive in order to store your bitcoins offline. Moreover, there is no personal information that is attached with a hard drive so you get additional anonymity as you use this method of storage.
    Although, if you lose your drive you won’t be able to recover your bitcoin as there is no personal information attached to that drive. 
  • A paper wallet is another secure way through which you can store your bitcoins. However, in order to understand how these paper wallets work, you might need to understand a lot of technical terms as well. Paper wallets are really easy to store as they are basically a piece of paper that contains the private key that allows you to access your online wallet. 
  • Lastly, you can get physical bitcoins by paying a little extra amount to your service provider. This is another really safe way through which you can store your bitcoins.

Why Looking for a Job Can Make it Harder to Get a Job

There’s a dirty little secret in human resources circles: Looking for a job makes you less desirable as a job candidate. That may sound far fetched and bizarre, but it’s absolutely true. Employers favor those candidates who are bumbling along without looking for jobs over those who are. An exploration of the hr features will help the business person to recruit the best employees. Timely filling of the vacancies will be effortless for the business owners and performance will be excellent. 

Ah, the many absurdities of the job search world. And this one is among the more entrenched of them. Here’s why.

Active versus passive job hunters

In human resources speak, anyone consciously trying to find a new job is considered an “Active” job seeker. To most normal folks, a word such as “active” might be construed as a positive thing, implying ambition, planning, and proactive effort. But the HR world is anything but normal, and the term is more of a negative one for job candidates. Instead, hiring departments would rather have a “Passive” candidate, an employed person who isn’t really looking for a job but might be willing to consider one if it falls into their lap. The reasons for this counter-intuitive preference are both complex and simple.

Passive job hunters are considered safer bets

Human resource departments consider those who are comfortably situated in a job to have more potential. They believe such candidates must be more likely to get along with people, must be more capable, and must be better able to find ways of being challenged by their work. That’s why they’re hanging around in the same job. Or so the logic goes.

Being an active job hunter raises questions

At the same time, HR professionals also believe that job hunters who are actively seeking different employment may have less-than-terrific reasons for looking for a new job. They believe that people who are looking for new jobs may be forced to because they can’t get along with people in the company, the implication being that active job hunters may have flawed personalities. Along with this idea is the notion that active job hunters may be exceptionally restless – this despite the fact that it’s not unusual for highly capable professionals to consider changing jobs every few years. But hey, I didn’t say it was a well thought out perception.

Human nature

The notion of passive job candidates being better is, to a large degree, just human nature. We all tend to covet what we can’t have. And what could be more in-line with that principle than a job seeker that isn’t actually seeking a job? It’s the job search equivalent of playing hard to get. And that makes a candidate infinitely more desirable.

What it means to you

Like so many perceptions in the job search world, there’s not a lot you can do to fight this one. Just be aware that staying where you are, getting your name out there, and sometimes letting opportunities come to you can be surprisingly effective — because it makes you a “passive” rather than “active” candidate. And now that you understand the underlying reason for it, perhaps you won’t be surprised when that headhunter calls out of nowhere with a great job opportunity. You were playing hard to get without knowing it. You crafty little devil.