Psychology And Personality Testing – Why These Tests Are Important In Our Daily Relationships

Every since I was rather young I have been fascinated with personality tests and have taken as many as I could get my hands on. For a few years during my early teens I would even make trips out to the local library for the express intent of finding books on personality types. I have a strong desire to understand how different personality types work together-or against on another! My mind frequently wandered when meeting new people to trying to guess what their personality types might be and whether or not they would be easy or hard for me to get along with. Also, personality congruence is a major factor in having a healthy relationship. So you just skip the games alternatives and just focus on what really matters the most. This will allow you to maintain healthy relationship with your partner and make it last.

I was thrilled to be directed through a university psychology class to the Keirsey personality assessment since it was one that I had not taken before. I was familiar with the concept of “color-coded” personalities, but I had not yet been introduced to the four categories presented by this test, which included the following personality types: the Guardians, the Idealists, the Artisans, and the Rationalists. Upon completion of the test I was initially surprised to see that I fall in with the Idealists, though after reading the description given it was only too clear that it described me fairly well (in spite of my many changing answers as I dealt with my often indecisive nature…) and I agreed with the assessment.

I think that being able to discern the personalities and temperaments of those with whom we are required to spend large quantities of time (friends, family, co-workers) can be invaluable. A better understanding of personality can lead us to create more harmonious work and personal environments, provide more rapid conflict resolution techniques, and enable us to communicate more effectively with those around us. Therefore, I continue to seek out opportunity to learn more about my own personality and that of those with whom I spend my time and energies.

Another interesting website offering a variety of personality tests is With my study of and joy in personality testing I have even developed a few fun personality tests of my own, and I would love to some day have the qualifications to share those tests and theories in a professional setting.

It was interesting for me to note that social psychology and the tests listed on this site are not limited to simple personality but include intelligence tests, emotional IQ tests, aptitude tests, and so on. Based on the number of hits for this site and others like it, I am not alone in my fascination regarding personality tests and my desire to have a greater understanding of my own personality and that of those around me. This is where the education and experience of a social psychologist can be of great worth.

I thoroughly enjoyed the wide variety of tests offered on this website and will endeavor some day to complete them all. Yet I feel that it is important to understand that because these tests are self-evaluated there is a tendency to be biased toward oneself. I would appreciate the results more from a test that required additional input from the five people closest to you.

Social psychology has revealed to us what many of us have suspected for many years-that our personality can and frequently does change with age, life status, and other major factors including friend choice, marriage, children, and culture changes. Studying various groups of people who fall into a similar category can provide us with great clues as to the psychological structure of individuals in that group, therefore a much wider variety of people are choosing to seek the assistance of a social psychologist before implementing new marketing methods, hiring tactics, devising employee handbooks, and so forth.

I would greatly love someday to have enough background and experience in psychology and social work to be able to travel as a youth motivational speaker. To be able to teach others to recognize their personality type and the personality types of those with whom they associate would be priceless to me indeed.