Runescape Private Servers: The Most Popular MMORPG

So if you are into online gaming, RuneScape might have caught your attention. These servers are the world’s most popular massively multi-multiplayer online role playing game. Whoa, that’s a very long breakdown to remember, so we would rather call it MMORPG. The idea came from Jagex, a developer with awesome ideas! The RuneScape Private Servers came into active service a long time ago, on the ear 2001. The servers are free to play, anyone can just going and get going. If you need to check out the RSPS list, you might check our other articles on RuneScape Private Servers.

Official RuneScape Servers

The official RuneScape Servers have different capacities. Average RuneScape Servers can allow around 2,000 players to play simultaneously. However, the limit might depend a lot on the hardware capacity and bandwidth. With everything boosted up to the maximum, the record for these RuneScape Servers is to accommodate around 32,000 players simultaneously. That is a crazy high figure! Players can play solo, or in groups. This feature too, depends on the server functionality.

RuneScape Class is is another type of official RSPS that allows 2,500 players to play at the same time. These servers allow two players to play against each other, meaning 1,250 players in each side.

Private Servers

Now if you don’t like the rules and regulations imposed by the Jagex servers, then the RuneScape Private Servers are your last resort. These are RuneScape servers, only they aren’t commanded by Jagex and the users are in charge. The RSPS list you might come across very often while going through the best RSPS servers, is most likely a list of private servers where you can sign up and start playing. However, most RuneScape Private Servers are called illegal by Jagex, so you may need to find some workaround.


RuneScape Private Servers need a wide discussion to make one understand fully of the concept, but this is what the RSPS is all about.