Taste Authentic Italian Dishes With Damian Mandola’s Restaurants

Damian Mandola and his Nephew Johnny Carraba are the founders of the popular Carraba’s chain of restaurants. They serve American-Italian dishes that a lot of people love. The boom in the business made it possible for them to serve more people across Florida with authentic Italian dishes right from the family’s recipes. When talking about this chain of restaurants, one thing that comes up to the minds of people is eating scrumptious Italian dishes packed with mouthwatering flavors.To offer their loyal customers as well as new ones with something new to try, Damian Mandola travels to Italy and other places to discover authentic traditional Italian recipes. Now, this is a proof that Mandola just wants to offer only the best for their customers.When it comes to Italian dishes and you are going to visit Florida or even Texas, where their original branches started, you need to visit their restaurants. Anything that comes up with their menus is passed on from generations to generations, which will make you feel like you are part of the family. You get to taste some of the popular Italian dishes that were passed on by Damian Mandola’s mother and are now served to everyone who visits any of their restaurants.

Visit Italian Grill And Get Amazed

Choosing to visit their Italian grill will guarantee only the best tasting dishes that Italian food lovers would die for. You can try different dishes each time you visit to get the chance of tasting all authentic Italian dishes that the restaurant has to offer.

Also, you’ll never get tired of trying their dishes as they have their special recipes for every dish. This means that you’ll be going back over and over to their restaurants just to taste the same exact flavor that you want from dishes you first tasted from their menu. So, if you want authentic Italian dishes, don’t miss visiting their restaurants.

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