The 5 best flashlights in the market

When buying a flashlight, you want the best. You want a flashlight that’s durable, light in weight and one that comes with a good battery that does not easily run out. A flashlight with a superb light output is a plus to any wannabe flashlight owner. xml-l2-font-b-brightest-b-font-led-font-b-flashlight-b-font-26650-rechargeable-font

When buying a flashlight consider the following:

  • Is the flashlight durable?
  • Does it emit the right amount of light?
  • Can it be used for self defense?
  • Is it easy to carry around?

Light outputbest-ar-15-flashlight-830x450

This measures the intensity of light coming out of the flashlight. These can range from 20 lumens that is ideal for reading a book to 3500 lumens that is very high.

Beam distance

This measures the distance the light will shine before the brightness diminishes.

Run time

How long does the battery take before the light output drops? You will want a flashlight that has a longer run time to avoid unforeseen disruptions in the middle of a night out adventure or a night camp.

Impact resistance

Does the light remain steady even after several drops? If yes, then it’s the best flash light to have.

Water resistance.

Can it withstand extreme weather conditions? You may want to use it out in the rain. Can it still work even after being subjected to water?

Other factors to consider are:

  • Bulb type
  • Beam type
  • Battery type
  • Control
  • Modes
  • Material and shape
  • Size and weight

Some of the best flashlights in the market are:

Streamlight 88040 pro Tac

This flashlight is extremely bright. It comes with this aluminum made material that makes it durable and unbreakable even after several drops. It’s waterproof and comes with three operating modes.

Solaray pro zx-2

Comes with a rechargeable battery that saves you from spending after the initial purchase. You can tailor this flashlight to your specific need.

Vizeri 230

Comes in five modes with flexible power options allowing you to choose low cost AAA batteries or C123 alkaline batteries including rechargeable versions.

Outlight A100

It can stand upwards like a candle on a flat surface. Comes equipped with five switch modes and has the highest settings on zoom.

Surfire G2X

Has a single output level of up to 320 lumens with this amazing tail cap switch for optimum accuracy.

It is very possible to get the best flashlight if you need one but you have to put a lot of factors into consideration before making that purchase. You want something that offers you value for money, so take your time.

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