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Hunting for a pillow might be a great task now days. Adding to the confusion, there have been several materials being added to the list. However, choosing the best pillow for sleeping is of high importance. The quality and type of pillow you are using while sleeping can itself define your comfort level. A good pillow will also keep a check on your health and also provide you a refreshed mind and body every morning to start a great day. There have been several researched for the problems, people face while sleeping or due to sleeping patterns. Most of them have shown a solution to use the correct type of pillow depending on your sleeping pattern. 20120503-151626

A brief History:

The use of pillows has been known to the mankind since eternity. However, there were times when pillows were being used by wealthy people as a symbol of luxury whereas now a day, it is more of a need. The use of pillows has even been linked with the mummies and tombs of Egypt back in around 2000 B.C. However, whereas then, the pillows being used were crafted out of wood or stone but fulfilled the same purpose, Supporting the neck while sleeping to avoid any kind of discomfort.51wnkvwh23l-_sl1000_

A brief Guide to select your pillow:

Everyone has separate comfort positions and levels so do they require separate kinds of pillow while sleeping. The market today offers a huge range to choose from. Follow the below mentioned suggestions and it might just multiply your sleeping comfort several fold.

  • If you have a habit of sleeping on your back, you must prefer a pillow that is a bit stiff and does not deforms easily. It should support your neck curve perfectly. Some researchers have also proved the use of multiple fold pillows to elevate your upper body for preventing snoring and back pain related problems. Keeping a pillow or two below your legs might also help the back pain.
  • For side sleepers, going for a big heightened pillow must be a good choice. It will maintain the neck position. A semi foamy pillow can attain the position of the neck at a comfortable height easily.
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, go for thin and soft, fluffy pillows. A hard and heightened pillow might leave you with a neck pain.

A good night’s sleep can actually turn your day around and choosing a perfect pillow might be the best start for it.

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