Things You Should Know Before Travelling To Genting By Bus


Genting is located in Malaysia Mountain’s Peak of Titwangsa North East of Kuala Lumpur. It is approximately 55 km from Kuala Lumpur.


The area experience slow temperatures of 5-10 degrees,rain sandmist. It does get really chilly. There are sky walls to cover travelers from the mist and rains. The hotel rooms in the area are no theated up. Pack warm clothes and bedding stokeep you warm for the chilly nights.

Places to visit

This ranges from;

  • Acoupleofcasinos:a great stop while travel by bus to Genting.
  • Themuseum holds fascinatingcollectionsofRipley’scollections.


The currency use din Gentingis Malaysia dollar. Currency exchange can bed one in the airports, banks, money exchange bureau and hotels. Exchange from hotels are very pricey.Master cards, visa, American express are acceptable by all banks and ATMs. Beware of pick pockets, scammers and snatch thieves. Put extra cash, passport and other important documents in a safe immediately you check in the city. Currency more than RM 10000 should be declared. There is no set limit on the amount of cash tobe carried into the country by travelers. Currency is available in note and coin form ranging from 100, 50,10,5 and 1 notes and 50, 20,10,5 and 1coins.

Accommodation and food

Book a hotel where you would spend the nights when you get to Genting. After an exhausting travel to Genting by bus rest is paramount. There are good hotels to check into. Available in the locality are both local and international cuisines .The foods are quite pricy even in fast food outlets.


A road trip to Genting by bus is definitely something worthwhile to add to your bucket list. An experience of a lifetime and memories to hold on to forever.