Travel To Vietnam With Visa On Arrival

Tourism has taken various shades over the years; the influx of expatriates to explore other culture, tradition and communities is at an all time high. Places that have harbored rich cultural heritage and magnificent scenery are now on the spotlight

Vietnam is a great location for tourism, business, studying and all other interests. The infrastructure brilliantly reveals the flamboyance of an age old culture which tells of an exciting adventure and an aura of royalty, truly a beautiful place with ground breaking historical significance which has not deterred the advancement of political development and technology as well as a modern culture.

Obtaining travel documents in the form of visa has been simplified to enable and encourage expatriates and investor including well-meaning tourists. This is made easy with the provisional online Vietnam visa which can be obtained and filled on the Vietnam immigration website.

There are various kinds of visa types depending on travel objectives, these all have varying durations and of course differ in cost. Eligibility for any form of visa can be found online.

The Vietnam eVisa has an extension of just 30 days (a month) and this cannot be renewed to other forms of visa. It is usually for tourists and business men who are dynamic. If you want to go for the eVisa option, there are a few requirements which come with an online application such as a valid means of identification, a passport with validity date of at least 6 months, a digital profile containing a recent passport photograph and a credit card for service charges.

You can travel to Vietnam using the visa on arrival which gives you the privileged to travel to Vietnam with a printed letter of authorization from Vietnam immigration service and upon arrival you obtain your visa. This would save you a lot of time and is more affordable and convenient that going through the embassy.