Using Social Networking to Build an Internet Buzz

How To Win The Online Popularity Contest

To some people, the Internet can be a vast and confusing place, and can sometimes make you feel like you are just floating in cyber space. Many people surf the net for many different reasons, but if you want to create a buzz online, you should be working on becoming more popular. For some bands and business owners, getting the word out is the hardest task to accomplish. A lot of new comers, in the promotion arena, concentrate on banner advertising, which is not nearly as effective as social networking.

If you are not familiar with social networking, you may want to keep reading. A social network is a website made up of many users who can communicate with each other through forums, mail, groups, profiles, and blogs. Not every social networking site is the same, so make sure you browse around before you join. It is important to find a website that is easy to navigate. There is no limit to the amount of networking sites you can join, so try out as many as you want. The more you sign up for, the better your results will be. Here are just five to help you on your way.

MySpace        Facebook        YouTube        myLot        My Yearbook

MySpace is one of the biggest social networks online. The site is very easy to use, because your tool bar at the top of your screen can be used to navigate anywhere on the entire site. MySpace allows each member to set up one of three different types of profiles. These profiles are regular, music, and video. Depending on your field of work, you will want to sign up for the appropriate account.

Signing Up

After signing up, you will want to fill in your profile with as much relevant information as possible. Make sure you have at least one picture available for upload. People love to be able to visualize whom they are talking to or reading about. If you have a media profile (music/video), be sure to have a sample ready for people to hear or see. You can’t brag about how good you are if there is nothing for people to experience. Your profile is a person’s first impression of you, so try to make it a good one.


After your profile is set up, try posting a blog for visitors to read. Your blog can be used as a non-intrusive means of advertising who you are, and what you do. MySpace will allow other users to subscribe to your blog if they are interested in what you have to say.

Adding Friends

The backbone of social networking is people. Without people, the network falls apart. You are going to want to add as many people to your friend list as possible to help get your buzz going. Many people will accept your friend request whether they know you or not, so send out as many as you can.

Posting Bulletins

Once you have a nice amount of friends, you will want to start posting bulletins on a regular basis. Bulletins can be an effective means of keeping your friends informed about what is going on with you. Try not to spam the bulletin board, it may make people stop reading your posts.

Starting A Group

Starting a group is another good way to get the word out. Groups provide people with a common interest, a central place to communicate. The group functions on MySpace are not very good for reaching your goals. A better place to start a group is on Yahoo!

Message Boards

If you like to post your opinion on different subjects, you might want to check out the message boards on MySpace. As people become familiar with you, they will start to view your profile and send friend requests. Anywhere you have a chance to show your name, you should.


Whenever you are fortunate enough for someone to leave you a comment, you should make sure you leave one in return. Whatever you do, do not post huge graphics on their profile to advertise what you do. If people start to see you in enough places, eventually, they will look. Again, the more places that people can see your name and face, the better.

Instagram has been widely used as well in the Internet Buzz. Not only because it is widely used by millions of people across the globe, but also because it has been modernized in some ways. For instance, through, people can now view private profiles.

The majority of social networks, work the same way, and have similar tools. Although, there is one social network that really stands out from the others, myLot. This site is 100% free to join, but what makes this site different is that they pay you for contributing content. They will pay you for posting in the forums, uploading pictures, and responding to ongoing discussions. Unlike MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube, myLot will also pay you for referrals. You would think that would be enough for someone to join, but they take it one step further by paying you 25% of your referrals accumulated earnings.

You will definitely want to sign up with myLot because their site is very active. Make sure you post topics asking people to check out your MySpace profile in order to get a buzz going. Remember, myLot is actually paying you to promote yourself. The more you post, the more money you make.

Remember to take advantage of every opportunity to put your name and face somewhere. You can never be in too many places at once. The key to getting a buzz going is to constantly stay in the public eye. If they know who you are, they will start to talk about you, and word of mouth is the best form of promotion.