Valuable Details About Vietnam Visa

The tourism industry of Vietnam is performing their work efficiently and people from different countries visit the Vietnam to see its beauty. Vietnam is the beautiful country all over the world and includes awesome mountains and lakes. These mountains and lakes are the center of attraction of Vietnam; people from other countries want to visit there. Some people are not able to visit Vietnam due to the complicated and long process of getting the visa which contains various formalities. Vietnam takes a step and provides visa on arrival to citizens of 163 countries.

Benefits of visa on arrival

Vietnam visa for Indian passport is available on arrival and it turns the complicated process into easier one. If you are an Indian then it is the boon for you because you are able to get Vietnam visa only and only in 2 days. There are some benefits of Vietnam visa on arrival such as;

  • The applicant is able to save their money that is paid by him to a travel agent.
  • Anyone can easily apply for the visa with the help of online sources at home.
  • The process of visa application is too simple by avoiding all complicated steps.
  • The processing of visa approval is not consuming long time period.
  • The application fee or other charges are very low compared to another type of visa approval.
  • Online sources provide their services for 24*7 to applicants.

When you are choosing the Vietnam visa for Indian passport on arrival policy at that time within 2 days a mail is send by Vietnam embassy. In this mail they send the approval letter of your visa application. After receiving approval letter you should get its print out and collect all necessary documents those are required to check out from Vietnam airport.